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Description of technical performance of laser rapid prototyping system (III)

(4) metal parts are manufactured by rapid precision casting and sand casting

the prototype of photosensitive resin that can be completely gasified can be provided by RP method, so it can be cast by vanishing process to cast precision castings. In order to reduce the excessive gas produced by EPC, the RP prototype can be made into a hollow structure, and the hollow part can also be honeycomb supported to enhance the rigidity of the RP prototype. Because the RP prototype can be easily attached with cooling pipes and other structures, the RP prototype can even be directly used as an injection mold to produce a small number of plastic parts for use in the product development stage. In aerospace, aviation, weapons and other fields, it is very suitable for parts with complex shapes

parts with relatively simple shape and structure can be directly sand cast with photosensitive resin prototype instead of wood mold

(5) rapid tooling manufacturing

with the solid mold generated by RP as the mold core or mold sleeve, combined with precision casting, powder non sintering or electrode grinding technology, the functional mold or tooling equipment required by enterprise products can be quickly manufactured. Its manufacturing cycle is generally 1/5 ~ 1/of the traditional NC cutting method, and according to the discussed idea 10, but the cost is only 1/3 ~ 1/5. The higher the geometric complexity of the mold, the more significant this benefit. According to a mold supplier (only 20 employees) located in Chicago, the workshop can provide any complex injection mold within one week after receiving the customer's CAD design documents, but in fact, 80% of the mold can be completed within 24 ~ 48 hours

the latest research results show that the application of rapid prototyping technology in other fields also shows great advantages in low noise. Xi'an Jiaotong University has deeply rooted in the concept of environmental protection in the bionic customized design and manufacturing of bone substitutes. It has successfully manufactured an artificial mandible with bioactive functions and high strength, and has been successfully applied in clinic. The research on water-saving irrigation and precision agriculture projects carried out by the Institute of advanced manufacturing technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University in the face of the current situation of water shortage in Western China has also achieved practical results. Using the light curing rapid prototyping mechanism, the built-in column mounted pressure compensation emitter can be combined with the water pipe to form a drip irrigation belt, and the pressure compensation emitter sample can be directly formed within a few hours (no mold is required), The test can be carried out directly on the pipeline when the regulating diaphragm is installed and assembled, which can shorten the experimental analysis cycle of the pressure compensation emitter by more than 4/5 and reduce the cost by more than 3/4. The sps600 solid-state laser rapid prototyping machine newly launched by the Institute of advanced manufacturing technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University has been successfully applied in the automobile manufacturing industry because of its fast forming speed and high precision

rapid development of new products:

1, laser rapid prototyping

2, three-dimensional laser digitizer

three dimensional laser measurement system is a fully automatic non-contact geometric measurement three-dimensional measurement system. It is based on the principle of active triangulation. By irradiating a laser beam on the object surface and capturing the two-dimensional deformation line image on the object surface with two CCD, the corresponding three-dimensional coordinates can be obtained, and a scanning line can be obtained in each measurement cycle; The full contour measurement of the object is assisted by the stepping three-axis linear motion and one axis rotary motion on the LSH machine. According to the measurement object and actual needs, the software can choose point measurement, line measurement, plane scanning, double-sided scanning, four side scanning, rotary scanning and other measurement methods

maximum measurement range:

lsh800:600mm (x) 800mm (y) 400mm (z) 360 degrees

control mode: PC controls three-axis translation, one axis rotation

equipment volume: 1300 (x) 1300 (y) 2000 (z)

pc:pentium3 above

operating system: windows98/2000/NT

Technical features:

L four axis automatic measurement system

l automatic positioning of rotation axis center

l laser power can be adjusted by software

l automatic compensation of positioning error

l scanning speed is times faster than traditional contact measurement

l soft or untouchable workpiece can be measured

l multiple scanning methods without dead corners

3. Vacuum silica gel injection molding

(1) technical principle and application field

in recent years, with the application and popularization of rapid prototyping technology, more and more enterprises feel the benefits brought by this technology in the process of product development and design. However, with the popularization of this technology and the expansion of application fields, many enterprises have an increasingly urgent demand for small batch production and mold making (existing prototypes). Using vacuum casting molding machine, small batch parts can be made directly from engineering plastics or simple molds can be made. Rapid tooling manufacturing is widely used, and its development is often rapid, especially in the stage of new product research and development, as well as in some occasions where the surface shape is obtained through replication. There are nearly 100 kinds of rapid prototyping machines in China, five national application service centers, productivity promotion centers in all provinces are also launching rapid prototyping technology and rapid tooling technology, and a number of enterprises with rapid prototyping equipment also provide rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services, so there is a great demand for this equipment

vacuum pouring molding machine can be used for rapid mold manufacturing in the manufacturing field, and can complete the vacuum pouring molding of silicone rubber molds, polyurethane molds and small batch injection molded parts. It is widely used in the R & D and small batch production of automobile, household appliances, light industry, medical treatment, agricultural machinery, military industry and other industries

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