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SUPOR electric kettle, folded and used, will accompany you all the way

all life activities originate from water. On earth, where there is water, there is life. Water in the human body accounts for about 65% of body weight. Without water, nutrients in food cannot be absorbed, waste cannot be discharged from the body, and drugs cannot reach the active part. The importance of water is self-evident. China has a tradition of drinking hot water since ancient times. Drinking tea requires hot water. Even if it is cold water, China's famous liangbaikai is also everyone's first choice. (,) (super) sw-06j001 folding dual voltage kettle, a foldable and portable kettle, makes you carry it without pressure whether you are traveling or on business

SUPOR sw-06j001 folding double voltage boiling water is also beneficial to the development and design of new products. The overall white foundation screw can be tightened or the foundation can be reinforced. The drainage design is clean and simple, giving people a feeling of confidence when looking at it. The whole is small but full. The capacity of 0.6L is enough for you to use on business trips

SUPOR sw-06j001 folding dual voltage kettle, its foldable function is its biggest feature. With a gentle press, it can be easily folded, so that you can save time, labor and space. Take it with you on travel and business trips, without worrying about the trouble caused by its size. No matter how much luggage, no matter how full the suitcase is, there will always be a place for it. Especially for Chinese people traveling abroad, China has the custom of drinking hot water, but there is no such condition abroad. Most of them drink cold water, which makes it difficult for many Chinese people to get used to the phenomenon of condensation in the box. SUPOR sw-06j001 folding double voltage kettle solves this problem for you and makes you drink hot water easily

when it comes to going abroad, in addition to not drinking hot water, there will be differences in voltage and plug. In order to solve this problem, Supor sw-06j001 folding dual voltage kettle adopts V dual voltage design. It can be easily converted and used in Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, where V is used, as well as Taiwan, or where hydraulic transmission components should not have impact in return activities

this SUPOR sw-06j001 folding double voltage kettle uses baby grade silicone material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and not easy to turn yellow and crack, so that you can use it healthily and safely to ensure no harm to human body. In addition to the water heating button, there is also a heat preservation file design. When the water cools to a certain temperature, it automatically enters the water heating mode, so that you can drink hot water at any time

SUPOR sw-06j001 folding dual voltage kettle, a portable and beautiful kettle, will keep you warm all the way

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