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at the same time, users of clean electric energy and heating are encouraged to participate in power market transactions. Further reduce the access threshold, the reason why the dynamometer produces friction resistance. Users of electric energy clean heating with more than 10000 kwh of electricity consumption for many years can participate in power market transactions through power selling companies; Users of electric energy and clean heating with an annual consumption of 5million kwh or more can conduct direct electricity transactions with power generation enterprises. Clean heating users who do not participate in electricity market transactions shall implement the current electricity price policy

Jilin Rui Ke Hans Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, electrical components, electric heating equipment and photovoltaic equipment. It is an electrical equipment enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales in Jilin Province, with a registered capital of 50million yuan and an annual output value of nearly 500million yuan

what is the cost of using coal to replace electromagnetic heating in Beijing for a heating season? Under the condition that the thermal insulation of the building meets the standard requirements, the cost of electromagnetic heating in a winter will not exceed 24 yuan/㎡ of the cost of central heating. Based on 100 square meters, it will not exceed 2400 yuan. Rooms that do not need heating can be closed. When there is no one, the temperature can be lowered to save energy. Time of use electricity price can be used, and gas is a non renewable resource. Multi region adopts stepped gas price, and the rise of gas price is an inevitable trend

the company's products mainly include semiconductor electric boilers, energy storage electric boilers, direct heating electric boilers, 10kV solid heat storage electric boilers, high and low voltage switchgear, electrical fire equipment, multifunctional power instruments, energy consumption management systems, photovoltaic power generation, environmental protection storage batteries, new energy, etc., which are widely used in industrial electric heating, civil electric heating, urban heat exchange, power systems and other fields

in terms of other clean heating support policies, all regions can adjust measures to local conditions, and encourage enterprises to develop various forms of clean heating projects in eligible areas to promote the promotion and application of clean heating. The annual electricity consumption of ground source heat pump users is subject to the residential non tiered electricity price standard: 0.5424 yuan per kWh below 1kV, 0.5324 yuan per kWh above 10kV; For residential users who use natural gas for heating, in principle, separate tables should be installed. According to the local resource situation, the residential domestic gas price can be implemented. For urban residential domestic gas with stepped gas price, the first and second average prices can be implemented, or it is not necessary to set up a separate classification, and it can be uniformly included in the graded gas volume, and the graded gas price can be implemented according to the consumption. The price of natural gas for central heating shall not be higher than the price of natural gas for local general industry and Commerce and non residents. Encourage all localities to explore and formulate price policies to promote natural gas heating

since its establishment, the company has rapidly developed into a production-oriented enterprise with independent research and development and independent production of electrical intelligent equipment. In 2015, the company won the honor of high-tech enterprise, and has obtained more than 30 invention patents and new utility patents over the years. In the future, it will gradually develop towards intelligent electrical equipment and integration of software and hardware, become an intelligent power equipment manufacturing enterprise with comprehensive strength, and create the first brand of new energy application. At present, the company has two production bases, Kalun industrial north zone and Shuangyang Economic Development Zone, covering a total area of 60000 square meters

the company was successfully listed on the new third board on October 27, 2016, code: 839768. At present, the company has a number of core patented technologies and independent intellectual property rights. The company will rely on leading technological advantages, modern enterprise management experience, and the advanced concept of "green, energy saving and environmental protection" to produce high-quality, energy-saving and environmental friendly green electrical products for customers, and strive to achieve technological breakthroughs in electrical environmental protection, intelligence and new energy

improve the "coal to gas" gas price policy, natural gas resources are guaranteed, and areas suitable for "coal to gas" should comprehensively reduce the cost of clean heating gas through various methods. The sales price of natural gas from onshore pipelines for rural "coal to gas" heating shall be implemented according to the sales price of residential gas; The sales price of heating gas for "coal to gas" in cities and towns shall be implemented according to the current price policy. The sales price of residential "coal to gas" wall mounted boiler heating gas shall be implemented according to the sales price of residential gas. A stepped price system can be separately formulated for wall mounted boiler heating gas by looking for the correct combination and proportion of different materials

after years of efforts, the company has established a mature core management team, the size of the company is also expanding, and the operation shows a good growth trend. The company will continue to explore new regional markets in order to realize the development strategy of the national market and even the global market based on the northeast region

on the basis of constantly improving its own technical level and development ability, the company will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, key universities and scientific research institutions, adhere to the enterprise policy of "integrity, pragmatism and innovation", and implement the enterprise cultural concept of "seeking development for the enterprise, seeking benefits for employees, and creating value for users", Continue to offer the products and services that the majority of users really need. Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the key to supporting the stable growth of the company. The company now has 750 employees, with a high-quality team that is brave in exploration and innovation, including more than 100 technicians, all of whom have professional titles of engineers or above, and all of whom are college graduates or above

the cement layer has the function of heat storage, and the temperature will not drop soon after the system is turned off. The intelligent temperature controller will accurately control the advance to ensure the temperature at your time, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. What are the main factors affecting indoor temperature

nowadays, energy has become the core factor restricting the rapid economic development and environmental protection. Rec Hans has been committed to improving and improving customer experience, making every effort to build a large-scale intelligent complete equipment production base in Northeast China, leading the progress of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, encouraging "to become a first-class brand", and firmly undertaking the historical mission of "creating a safe, green and beautiful new electrical life"

the Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding air pollution prevention and control collaborative group was established in October 2013. According to the provisions of the "ten articles on atmosphere", the members of the group mainly include provincial governments and relevant departments in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas. Zhao Yingmin's above statement means that this organization, which has operated for five years, will be upgraded from a "collaborative group" to a "leading group" headed by its own leader., While promoting the above reform tasks, all regions are encouraged to actively explore green price policies such as the price formation mechanism of ecological products, carbon emission trading, renewable energy mandatory quotas and green card trading system. Policies and measures with large impact and complex constraints can be piloted, explored and gradually promoted., The Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding air pollution prevention and control cooperation group was established in October 2013. According to the provisions of the "ten articles on atmosphere", the members of the group mainly include provincial governments and relevant departments in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas. Zhao Yingmin's above statement means that this organization, which has operated for five years, will be upgraded from a "collaborative group" to a "leading group" headed by its own leader., Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of ecological environment, responded, "In recent years, our air pollution characteristics have increasingly shown obvious regional and composite characteristics. Air pollutants are transmitted, diffused and interacted between different cities in the same air flow field. The research shows that according to different meteorological conditions, PM2.5 in Beijing is affected by external transmission, accounting for 28% to 36%, and that in Shanghai is affected by external transmission, accounting for about 18% to 38%. To solve the problem of regional air pollution, it must be emphasized On the basis of completing their own emission reduction tasks, each city should also break the boundaries of local administrative divisions and conduct unified and coordinated management of the regional atmospheric environment as a whole. "., We will strengthen the implementation of peak and valley electricity prices and use price signals to guide power to cut peak and fill valleys. On the premise that the general level of sales electricity price remains unchanged, the provincial price authorities can establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for peak and valley electricity prices, further expand the implementation scope of peak and valley electricity prices on the sales side, reasonably determine and dynamically adjust peak and valley periods, expand the price difference and fluctuation range of peak and valley electricity prices, and guide users to use electricity at off peak times. Encourage market entities to sign the main experimental waveforms of transactions including peak, valley, peacetime prices and electricity: supported by the controller (including sine wave, square wave, 3-angle wave, oblique wave and external input waveform); Contract. We will promote the development of energy storage by using market-oriented mechanisms such as peak valley electricity price difference and auxiliary service compensation. Use modern information, car couplets and other technologies to encourage electric vehicles to provide energy storage services, and obtain benefits through the peak valley price difference. We will improve the tiered electricity price system for residents and promote peak and valley electricity prices for residents., At the scene of the special inquiry, members of the national Standing Committee and the national environment and Resources Commission raised a question related to the joint prevention and control mechanism in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, "We know that the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has taken many powerful measures in the prevention and control of air pollution, but some measures, such as a large number of human supervision and financial subsidies, may be unsustainable. Last winter, there were some problems and difficulties in the conversion of coal to electricity and coal to gas in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, and there was also a debate about which department and which work should be the main one to play a synergistic effect," said, "What are the further improvement measures and institutional arrangements for the comprehensive coordination of air pollution prevention and control in China in the future, so as to better enable all regions and departments to form a joint force and achieve coordinated development?"

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