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Measures for the supervision of wooden packaging of export goods at Xiamen Port

since 2005, many countries and regions have begun to implement the guidelines for the management of wooden packaging materials in international trade (ISPM No. 15 standard) published by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). On January 10 and 13, 2005, the Chinese government successively promulgated the "measures for the administration of quarantine treatment of wooden packaging of exit goods" (Order No. 69 of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China in 2005) and the joint announcement on the relevant requirements of wooden packaging of exit goods (No. 4 of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, the General Administration of customs, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Forestry Administration in 2005), and implemented ISPM15 standard on wooden packaging of export goods from March 1, 2005

Xiamen port is an important port in the southeast coast. A large number of stone, light textile, electromechanical, chemical and mineral products exported every year cannot be separated from the carrier of wood packaging. The business volume of fumigation treatment of wood packaging of exported goods is very large. Only in 2005, it was proved that the flexibility has been consumed. The immigration office supervised 18327 batches and 35934 TEUs of outbound goods and their wood packaging. We have encountered some practical problems in the process of implementing ISPM No. 15 standard. Through exploration and practice, our measures have achieved certain results

1 existing problems

according to ISPM No. 15 standard, we found the following problems in the implementation of quarantine and supervision on the wooden packaging of exit goods: ① according to the current customs clearance mechanism, the wooden packaging of non statutory inspection goods can be declared for export without inspection, which makes the inspection and quarantine organ lack an effective quarantine and supervision mechanism for this part of export wooden packaging, Some dishonest enterprises or their agents who have a fluke mentality may take the practice of "exploiting the loopholes in the mechanism" to escape quarantine and disinfestation treatment and supervision; ② A small number of enterprises or their agents directly rush the wooden packaging used for export goods without pest control treatment and the mark of pest control treatment; ③ Forging or misappropriating the mark of disinfection and disinfestation treatment approved by the inspection and quarantine institution without disinfection and disinfestation treatment; ④ Apply the mark of disinfection and disinfestation treatment without the permission of the inspection and quarantine institution

2 quarantine and supervision measures

in order to further strengthen the quarantine treatment, supervision and management of wooden packaging of export goods and ensure the quality of work, we actively explore new ideas and new models in combination with our actual work, and have determined and implemented the following quarantine and supervision measures to basically ensure the quarantine quality of wooden packaging of export goods

2.1 actively publicize to relevant departments and seek cooperation in the implementation of relevant regulatory measures

in 2005, only under nearly the same conditions, a special working meeting was held in early November, which was attended by the heads of marking enterprises and relevant stations in the inspection area. Extensive exchanges and discussions were held on how to strengthen the information communication between inspection and quarantine institutions, marking enterprises and stations, and promote mutual cooperation and supervision. At the meeting, laws and regulations such as Joint Announcement No. 4 of 2005 and Decree No. 69 of 2005 issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other four ministries and commissions were once again publicized and implemented; Reaffirms that only Xiamen Huanyu sanitation and disinfestation treatment Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Chemical Defense Command Engineering Institute are the enterprises that can legally carry out quarantine and disinfestation treatment in Xiamen inspection area after being assessed and approved by the inspection and quarantine organ. In addition, any disinfestation treatment unit engaged in disinfestation treatment in Xiamen inspection area is illegal; It is required that the marking enterprises should change their work concepts and improve their service awareness. They must strengthen internal management, clarify work processes, standardize operations, strengthen awareness, and ensure work quality; All relevant departments are required to take action to jointly maintain the normal working order of quarantine and disinfestation treatment, report problems in a timely manner, and actively report illegal marks and units and individuals who forge or embezzle legal marks

2.2 strengthen the business exchange and information exchange with the origin inspection and Quarantine Bureau

in view of the increasing number of wooden packages exported from Xiamen port after centralized pest control treatment and labeling from non Xiamen inspection areas around Xiamen, strengthen the business exchange and information exchange with the brother inspection and Quarantine Bureau in the surrounding cities outside Xiamen inspection area through visits, faxes, etc., and establish an information feedback mechanism and processing mechanism; At the same time, through the origin Bureau and relevant stations, agents, etc., the shipper must be reminded to provide correct and authentic certificates of conformity with the goods as required, pay close attention to joint management, and ensure that the goods must be exported through customs

2.3 improve the quarantine supervision and verification mechanism

establish a port supervision and verification system of daily assistance of inspectors at relevant stations and spot checks by inspection and quarantine departments; It plans to gradually promote the electronic video monitoring system in relevant stations, and use the "electronic eye" to realize remote monitoring

2.4 establish an enterprise integrity management system

remind export enterprises, freight forwarders or inspection agents to learn, understand and abide by the law, strengthen self-discipline and advocate integrity management. For enterprises that are honest and can process very limited data, law-abiding enterprises can apply for convenient customs clearance measures that can save costs by "adding bids first, processing later, and supervising the whole process"; Once the suspected illegal and illegal behaviors are verified, the existing convenience measures will be canceled for the illegal and illegal enterprises and a "blacklist" will be implemented. 5 Finally, the measurement and control system (that is, software and hardware) management of the tension machine

work practice has proved that the above quarantine and supervision measures we have taken have achieved initial results. Through the efforts of many parties in the past few months, the unqualified wooden packaging exported from Xiamen port from non Xiamen inspection areas around Xiamen has been significantly improved after centralized pest control and labeling, and the phenomenon of illegal and illegal operations has gradually decreased, ensuring the rapid customs clearance of exported goods

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