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Supply and demand continued to improve, titanium dioxide entered the honeymoon period

on May 10, the titanium dioxide market again issued the price increase information. Panzhihua titanium sea technology does not need too high pressure in this stage since 2016, but needs position control. From May 10, the price of anatase titanium dioxide will be increased by 300 yuan/ton, which will be implemented today. Weston again? 705 has also been licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is reported that the market will meet the rising price tide again in the middle of this month. It is heard that traders have the mentality of stocking up. So will the market continue to rise in price in the rest of May

supply and demand are the fundamental factors that determine prices. After wave after wave of price increases in 2016, the decisive power of supply and demand has become stronger and stronger; It can be said that the rise at the beginning of the year is the self redemption of enterprises in their struggle. However, with the increasing market price, the mainstream quotation of most domestic rutile and anatase titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method is at yuan/ton and yuan/ton, and the supply and demand side has become an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry

the supply side is still in a state of recovery

recently, the people published an article, an authoritative person said that China's economy is in an L-shape, the economy is gradually stabilizing, and the market vitality is slowly recovering. Titanium dioxide industry is also in a state of recovery due to the impact of the environment. In 2015, due to weak downstream demand, the supply side of titanium dioxide was not dynamic. The total production of titanium dioxide was 2.233 million tons, a decrease of 112000 tons compared with 2.435 million tons in 2014, a year-on-year decrease of 4.6%. This is the first decline in the total output of the titanium dioxide industry in China in 17 years. There are 19 enterprises whose output has decreased, and some of them have decreased by as much as 40% - 69%. In 2016, with the rise of prices, the pick-up of demand in the downstream coating and plastic industries, the strong bullish atmosphere, and the increased enthusiasm of dealers and downstream factories to stock goods, the titanium dioxide supply side saw hope again. At present, the operating rate of titanium dioxide is in full swing. In May, with the continuous rise of enterprises, the improvement of enterprise profits, and the continuous recovery of downstream, some enterprises still have incremental plans to start construction, It is expected that the industry construction may still rise in the later stage. In view of the gradual end of the traditional peak season, it is expected that the room for rise is limited

export has become a new highlight of demand

according to the statistical data provided by the General Administration of customs, China's titanium dioxide exports in March 2016 were 61023.482 tons, an increase of 30.15% year-on-year and 36.55% month on month. In 2016, the total export of titanium dioxide was 157724.871 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15.04%. Among them, Sichuan longmang exports 24800 tons, ranking first, Henan Bailian (12.360, 0.30, 2.49%) 9100 tons, Zhonghe Huayuan 5500 tons, Shandong Dongjia 5200 tons, Shandong dawn 3700 tons, ranking second to fifth respectively. From January to December 2015, the total export of titanium dioxide was 538000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2.55%. Judging from the current development trend, the export situation in 2016 will be better than that in 2015, which will become a new highlight to supplement domestic trade. However, the demand of the domestic market still depends on the development of the whole domestic economic form. A good real estate sample is the lifeblood of China's economy and the "lifeblood" of titanium dioxide. Although demand is picking up, it is by no means as lively as the market imagined

from a comprehensive perspective, it should be logical that the price of titanium dioxide continued to rise in May. What people want and the supply and demand side of the market continue to think well, while empty profits are difficult to show. It seems that the titanium dioxide market has entered a long lost "honeymoon period"

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