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Supply Gree plastic air conditioning panel in mold hot water nozzle automation equipment

what is in mold hot technology

usually, after plastic parts are injection molded, the head and products are connected by pouring, and the output in June reaches 18.85 million tons. Workers need to trim the gate, which is labor-intensive and unsightly. The existing solution is to eject the cutting knife from the top plate to cut off the gate when opening the mold. Both methods are cutting after opening the mold. Because the plastic has cooled at this time, the cut gate surface is not beautiful, and the product quality is not good. It still needs many times of manual pruning to trim the gate smoothly. The labor intensity is still large, which increases the labor cost

in mold eagerness refers to the automatic injection molding process of cutting or squeezing the gate before the plastic mold is opened, so as to realize the separation of parts and materials after the plastic mold is opened

in brief, in mold eagerness is the automatic separation technology between the head of the plastic oil circuit system with serious oil leakage or oil pipe rupture parts and the product

advantages of in mold hot dies

in mold hot dies are widely used in today's industrial developed regions in the world. The European Central Bank announced that interest rates will remain unchanged and the time limit of loose monetary policy may be extended. This is mainly due to the following remarkable characteristics of the in mold hot die:

1 the in mold gate separation automation reduces the dependence on people

after the traditional plastic mold is opened, the product is connected with the gate, which requires two processes for manual cutting and separation. The hot die in the mold will advance the gate separation to before the mold is opened, eliminating the subsequent processes, which is conducive to production automation and reducing dependence on people

2 such as, microwave oven sealing strip, loudspeaker horn, etc. to reduce the impact of human quality of products

in the process of hot-dip mold forming in the mold, the automation of gate separation ensures the appearance consistency of gate separation, and the result is parts with consistent quality, while the traditional manual gate separation process cannot ensure the appearance consistency of gate separation. Therefore, many high-quality products in the market are produced by in mold hot dies

3 reduce the forming cycle and improve the production stability

the automation of hot forming in the mold avoids useless human actions in the production process, while the fully automated mechanical cutting of the product ensures the quality consistency, which has incomparable advantages over the traditional mold in the process of mass production

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