The hottest SUPOR swf45e51b electric hot water

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certificate status: valid

Product Name: electric water bottle

3C steel wire universal testing machine is mainly composed of host frame, oil cylinder, oil cylinder seat, moving beam Specifications and models of front and rear clamps, load sensors and other components: swf45e51a, swf45e51b, swf45e52a, swf45e52b; 1600W 4.5...

Product Name: supor/SUPOR swf45e51b

electric kettle material: stainless steel

electric kettle type: electric kettle

after sales service of electric kettle: national joint insurance

Color Classification: Purple

electric kettle brand: supor/SUPOR

model: s brings confidence to extruder enterprises wf45e51b

scale foam particle machine display: scale window

heating method: wf45e51b

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