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Shandong spray plastic cable tray supplier

Shandong spray plastic cable tray supplier. [Sicheng] the cable tray can be generalized and standardized, which is more conducive to the transportation and handling of transmission cables. The cable tray is laid in the transmission system, indoor distribution system and outdoor transmission system to just ensure the safety of the circuit

cables with different voltages and different uses should not be laid in the same layer of cable tray:

(1) cables above 1kV and below 1kV:

(2) double circuit cables that supply power to the first-class load in the same path

(3) cables for emergency lighting and other lighting:

(4) power, control and telecommunication cables

if cables of different grades are laid in the same cable tray, a partition shall be added in the middle

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(1) when the cable tray enters the building from the outside, the outward slope of the tray shall not be less than 1/100

(2) the clear distance between cable tray and electrical equipment shall not be less than 0.5m

the integrated inductor [molded inductor] includes a magnet and a winding body. The magnetic system embeds the winding body into the vertical universal friction and wear tester with the friction and wear function of metal magnetic powder and metal data, and the SMD pin is directly formed on the surface of the base body for the lead out pin of the winding body. The utility model has higher inductance and smaller leakage inductance than the traditional inductor. The inductor is designed with SMD structure, which will not damage the inductor when used, but also improve the production efficiency

as the main frequency of the computer CPU is getting higher and higher, there are high requirements for stable power supply and filtering, and the integrated inductor just solves this problem. It can work for a long time under the condition of high current and provide stable power supply for the CPU. Of course, the main role of inductors is filtering. In this regard, the integrated inductors are no inferior. Good material characteristics and special structural design make the inductance structure more stable, with lower impedance and better seismic performance, so it has higher conversion efficiency

the mechanical profession in modern China is facing endless challenges. The skills are backward and the types are single. China is a vast country with various terrains and landforms, as well as the needs of local customs. The demand for electric baskets is also increasing, and the continuous expansion of the demand has also brought endless challenges to the Chinese basket profession

independently develop new products together with foreign advanced skills learning. At present, the development prospect of China's electric basket career is still very considerable. The electric basket career has developed to this day in just a few years, and it has provided a ladder for China's high-rise building work with its rapid speed. It is believed that China will catch up with and surpass the advanced skills at home and abroad in the near future, and become a mechanical power and a skill power

in a word, the transparent protective plates of gymnasiums and stadiums, our electric basket technology is strengthening, the electric basket industry is developing, and the prospect of the basket industry is bright

selection of anti-corrosion coating on the surface of cable tray

the third common problem in engineering design is that the type of anti-corrosion coating is not marked on the cable tray model, and there is no unified text description. This problem has a lesson in reality. For example, in a project in Indonesia, which is the general contractor of our country, the surface anti-corrosion treatment of steel cable tray did not undergo salt spray test. Soon after completion, the cable tray was seriously corroded and had to be replaced. The surface anti-corrosion coating of cable tray mainly includes hot-dip galvanizing, galvanized nickel, cold galvanizing, powder electrostatic spraying and other methods. The manufacturer's data

shows that the service life of hot-dip galvanizing process is not less than 40 years, which is suitable for outdoor heavily corrosive environment, and the cost is high; The service life of galvanized nickel process is not less than 30 years, and it is also suitable for outdoor heavy corrosion environment, with high cost; The service life of cold galvanizing process is not less than 12 years, which is suitable for outdoor light corrosive environment, and the cost is general; The service life of powder electrostatic spraying process is not less than 12 years

, which is suitable for indoor normal temperature and dry environment, and the price is general. The designer should reasonably select the type of surface anti-corrosion coating of cable tray according to the environmental conditions of the project, and clearly express it in the design document

let me list two common prices of stainless steel railings

how much is a meter of stainless steel railings? Based on the above, that kind of ordinary material (non-standard stainless steel) is super cheap, but the price is very poor, so it is not recommended to choose. 304 and 202 are commonly used, but the thickness, modeling complexity and manufacturing process of stainless steel railings will affect the cost. But the price is generally about 140 yuan per meter, which is a reasonable fluctuation range. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading these pictures of stainless steel railings

everyone knows that there are many cable tray manufacturers now, but it is very difficult for us to find a guaranteed and suitable manufacturer, because many manufacturers do everything to achieve their goals in order to trade, but it is the consumers who are injured. Here, I share an article on how to choose the supplier of cable tray manufacturers

Shandong spray plastic cable tray. [Sicheng] galvanized cable tray is a kind of cable laying device that uses cables, wires, and pipe cables to achieve industry standards, norms, systems, and general use

cascade cable tray:

xqj-t ladder is improved based on relevant data at home and abroad and similar products of our factory due to its rapidly growing market demand and great potential. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique shape, convenient installation, good heat dissipation and air permeability. It is suitable for the laying of general cables with larger diameter, especially for the laying of high and low voltage power cables

the stepped cable tray is equipped with a shield, which can be indicated when ordering. All its accessories are common to tray and trough trays

the surface treatment of the stepped cable tray is divided into three types: electrostatic plastic spraying, galvanizing and painting, and special anti-corrosion treatment is made in the heavily corrosive environment

According to the macro data, China's GDP growth rate in the second quarter of 2015 was 7, which was the same as that of the quarter. This reflects that since the end of last year, a series of steady growth policies adopted by the government have begun to take effect, with the growth rate of industrial production, the continuous increase of infrastructure investment, and the recovery of the property market becoming more and more obvious. However, the initial value of Caixin manufacturing PMI in July was 48.2, falling to a 15 month low, and below 50 for the fifth consecutive month, indicating that the operation of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises is still poor, and the downward pressure on the domestic economy is still great. As for the steel market, although the macro background has improved, it has not effectively boosted market confidence. The performance of major steel industries such as automobile, shipbuilding and construction machinery is still sluggish, demand support is weak, and it is difficult to see the bottom of steel prices

as long as three basic types with a width of 200mm are used, the combined cable tray can be assembled into the cable tray of the size you need. It does not need to produce elbow, tee and other accessories, and it can turn, widen, branch, lead up and lead down at will according to the needs of on-site installation. At any position, there is no need to drill holes, and pipes can be used to lead out after welding. It is not only convenient for engineering design, but also convenient for production and transportation, and more convenient for installation and construction. It is an ideal product in cable tray at present

long span cable tray is a kind of cable tray with larger support span than general cable tray, and because of its exquisite structural design, it has greater bearing capacity than general cable tray. Therefore, it is not only suitable for the overhead laying of indoor and outdoor cables in oil refining, chemical industry, textile, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, television, radio and other industrial and mining enterprises, but also can be used as underground works, such as subway Cable trench and cable tunnel inner support of civil air defense works

stainless steel bridge: high corrosion-resistant stainless steel bridge can be applied to acid and alkali atmospheric heavy corrosive media in various chemical enterprises. It not only has long service life, but also is beautiful and easy to clean. It is irreplaceable by bridge products of any other materials

aluminum alloy cable tray: it is processed with aluminum alloy profile as the main material. It has the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance and durability. It is especially used in high-rise buildings and modern workshops

glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge: it is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic, flame retardant and other materials, which are pressed by composite molding materials and stainless steel shielding. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the selected materials and the addition of flame retardants, the products not only have fire resistance, heat insulation, self extinguishing, but also have high corrosion resistance. At the same time, they also have the advantages of light structure, aging resistance, safety and reliability. In general environmental areas, especially in coastal fog monitoring areas, high humidity and corrosive environments, they can show their advantages

(2) load calculation: calculate the cable weight per unit length on the longitudinal section of the main line of the cable bridge

(3) determine the width of the cable tray: determine the model and specification of the cable tray, the length of the bracket, the length and spacing of the strut, the width and layers of the cable tray according to the number of cables laid, the diameter of the cable and the spacing of the cable

(4) determine the installation method: determine the fixing method of the bridge according to the setting conditions of the site, select the suspension type, vertical type, side wall type or hybrid type, and the connectors and fasteners are generally supplied together. In addition, select and fold the corresponding cover plate according to the bridge structure

(5) draw the plan and profile of the cable tray, and draw the space map and list the materials in some parts

ladder type cable tray cq1-t ladder type cable tray has the advantages of light weight, low cost, unique shape, convenient installation, good heat dissipation, good ventilation and so on. It is applicable to the laying of cables with larger diameter first, and is suitable for the laying of high and low voltage power cables

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