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Shopping 618: shield and Tesco spear

on the whole afternoon of Friday, June 15, senior vice president Cheng Junyi was in a meeting. He frankly told the author that the theme of the meeting was the upcoming 618, "the overall plan was completed a month ago, and some later details still need to be considered". Cheng Junyi is the person in charge of the 618 project as a coordinator of's marketing. "Low price and burning money are not the same thing. While pursuing scale, we should also pay attention to efficiency and cost, including inventory turnover rate, conversion rate, it system efficiency, etc." this is his understanding of the promotion method, and it is also JD's overall strategy for store celebration in June

at the same time, another e-commerce executive also held a meeting to discuss 6. First of all, 18, he is Li Bin, general manager of Suning Tesco. A month ago, Li Bin tweeted that he would rank first in home appliance purchase in June. In order to achieve such a goal, must cross the threshold. It is difficult to have waves in daily sales, but because it has a variety of control modes, the E18 series promotion on June 18 has become an important battle for Tesco

e-commerce users are highly price sensitive and the brand viscosity is very low. This means that it is not of practical significance to rely on price war to make sales the first place - there may be latecomers at any time. Behind the shopping 618, both Tesco and have their own considerations:

Tesco: achieve the sales target in the first half of the year. At a high-level working meeting in May, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning, issued a goal to Tesco: complete the annual sales of last year (5.9 billion) in the first half of the year. According to the Q1 financial report of Suning Electric in 2012, its B2C business sales in the quarter was only 1.923 billion yuan (the main controller without tax is a 32-bit ARM processor updated in the 21st century, and the processing speed reaches the level of Pentium class general-purpose computer. Compared with the traditional 8-bit single-chip microcomputer measurement and control system, the overall performance is greatly improved, the calculation speed is faster, and the control accuracy is higher.), This means that the Q2 revenue of Tesco needs to achieve a year-on-year increase of more than 100%, with the actual revenue of more than 4billion yuan, and promotion has become the only breakthrough

looking at the experimental machine rigidity from a longer distance, Suning Tesco announced at the beginning of the year the sales target of 20 billion in 2012 and 30 billion in 2012. Q1 sales are less than 10% of the annual minimum, which makes investors feel that the slogan of easy buy is like "putting satellites on". If Tesco Q2 sales continue to weaken, it will greatly hit the enthusiasm of the capital market. June is the last single month of Q2. Whether it can break through smoothly depends on 618 pave the way for IPO. Not long ago, the Hong Kong analyst meeting inadvertently revealed the timing of's IPO: submit the prospectus as soon as June, and log on to NASDAQ in September. 618 this Jingdong traditional festival has become an excellent marketing front station for IPO and accumulated popularity. This time, has adopted a clever way: while the book day 100 and other categories are reduced (at least XX Yuan minus XX Yuan), some 3C products have adopted the gift of vouchers ( vouchers). Dongtong securities is generally available for consumption next month (July, i.e. the third quarter), bringing the impact of reduced gross profit caused by promotion into the third quarter. During the roadshow in August, produced Q2 financial report, which included the sales increased by 618 promotion, but it would not fully reflect the gross profit loss caused by promotion

"the use of 3C category coupons next month is an industry practice, because it involves a 7-day return and 14 day replacement service", an industry insider expressed understanding of this practice. In addition, among several e-commerce companies involved in promotion, tmall has also adopted a similar approach (tmall red envelope)

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100million, 300million, 500million, 1billion... Each of them threw out the figures of promotion and profit transfer in June, which made an e-commerce insider sigh, "this is not spending RMB, it is clearly spending ghost money. People are a little numb to the numbers."

in the past, the 618 of Jingdong family has become a collective Carnival of e-commerce this year. Interestingly, everyone takes 3C home appliances as the focus of this promotion, with obvious directivity:, which started with 3C, is seeking progress in the capital market. Even if it can't succeed in sniping, it can't let steal the limelight alone

in addition to taking advantage of the chaos and disrupting the situation, tmall is also the initiator of shopping 618, and its demand for "upper level" is even stronger. Tmall officially disclosed that the Q1 revenue of electric appliance city was 8billion, about 3billion in April and about 4billion in May. According to this calculation, the overall sales of tmall electric appliance city in the first half of the year was 19 billion to 20 billion, which was roughly equal to the sales of ( expected 45 billion this year at the analyst meeting, and it was estimated that its 3C products accounted for more than 80%. The price war under the guidance of the "ranking war" will be particularly bloody

except, and Tesco, the promotion strategies of other e-commerce companies have an obvious tendency to follow: how can we miss the feast when several mainstream b2cs have promoted? In 618, there even appeared the figure of Zhuoyue and Kuba, who had rarely participated in the large-scale price war before

finally, to be honest, although several e-commerce companies are suspected of exaggerating the promotion strength to varying degrees (such as charging 100 to 200), it is still much cheaper than usual after careful calculation. If you want to start something, hurry up. [End]

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