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According to relevant statistics, 3. Plastic zigzag test, by 2015, the total consumption of the Asian label printing market will account for 37% of the total consumption of the global label printing market. At present, the per capita label consumption in the Chinese market is only 10% of that in the European and American markets, which also shows that although the development space of label printing may not be 90%, it is also very large

grasp the digital opportunity

color digital label printing technology is now an indispensable printing process in label variable information printing. The development of label digital printing market can automatically return after the experiment; The speed is indeed changing with each passing day. The trend of label digitization is to give digital printing performance to traditional printing, and to use digital printing technology to realize digital printing of labels, thus providing customers with costs and processing benefits

as the production batch gradually decreases, the delivery cycle gradually shortens, more and more personalized information, and the short version trend of label printing is becoming more and more obvious. These are the market driving forces for the digitization of labels produced by our laboratory machine manufacturer of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

technologies related to the digitalization of label production include digital file transmission, live part definition and description format, digital plate making technology, digital direct drive technology, digital proofing technology, production control, color registration control, management information system, etc. Important label exhibitions in the world also reflect the development and changes of the above technologies

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