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"Shooting to cool down" artifact specially cures transformer high fever

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"shooting to cool down" artifact specially cures transformer high fever

West China Metropolis Daily (Yang Li intern Han Yuji

) high temperature strikes, and electricity is also "roasted". At the peak of power consumption every summer, ways to cool the transformer emerge in endlessly, including eating ice, blowing electric fans, etc., but it is still "difficult to get rid of a high fever". But this year, an artifact of "shooting to cool down" has brought continuous cooling to the transformer

what is this "Heike quality technology"? On August 15, West China Metropolis Daily and its cover learned from Chengdu power supply company that this equipment with the shape of "fort" was developed by power workers, which can automatically and continuously produce a steady stream of spray when P increases to 4.0kn to cool the transformer. The temperature can be reduced by more than 5 ℃ in an hour, which is nearly three times higher than the traditional cooling method, further ensuring the safety of continuous power supply

on the morning of the 15th, I visited the 110kV Minhe substation of Chongzhou power supply company. The heat wave hit in bursts, and a blue device shaped like a fort was releasing a large amount of water mist towards the transformer

"the transformer is the heart of the substation, and cooling measures should be taken above 70 ℃." Sunchuan, deputy director of the operation and maintenance department, said that in hot weather, the power supply pressure will increase. Once the transformer temperature soars to 95 ℃, it may be forced to cut off power, which will affect the normal use of electricity by residents

in order to save the transformer with "high fever", everyone will rack their brains every year. "At first, we used ice and water guns to cool down." He said, but this method is not efficient. Consuming 3 tons of ice a day can only cool the transformer by 1 to 2 ℃

by chance, sun Chuan found inspiration from the environmental protection fog gun machine for dust reduction. Can the atomization effect be used on the transformer

"five people in our operation and maintenance department have gradually added water system cooling device, water quality filtration device, temperature control and other components from the basic modification, and finally completed the development of the intelligent cooling system of the movable transformer." He said that the current cooling "artifact" can cool the transformer by more than 5 ℃ in one hour

sun Chuan also revealed that if it goes well, the soft water purification function will be added to the system in the second half of this year, and the automatic load control function will be launched at the beginning of next year, "it can completely liberate manpower, and the real-time condition of the transformer will be automatically monitored by the temperature reduction system."

it is understood that at present, the system has been further promoted by the pilot, and more than 30 sets of the system have been used in Chengdu power, covering more than 120 substations

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