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High performance and low cost short edition packaging and printing equipment

the packaging market is changing, and the packaging design must be changed more and more frequently to meet the needs of the market

the inventory is declining, and the order size is shrinking. For professional packaging and printing plants, this is not only a problem of the reduction in the number of prints, but also means that customers have high expectations for the quality of printing and post press processing. Short version packaging and printing focuses on providing high-quality printed materials required by customers quickly and reliably, which has become an inseparable qualitative factor for the success of packaging and printing plants and the genes of China 5 mining and Alibaba

Heidelberg speedpa CD74 offset press is a product specially developed for packaging and printing. It has become the focus of the audience since its debut at the 2000 drupa exhibition in 1.2 speed regulation system with servo electromechanical and governor

"speedpa CD74" is equipped with advanced CP2000 console and a series of highly automated systems, which greatly shortens the time required for the printing preparation process. The low cost and high performance of short version packaging printing operation largely depend on the "short, flat and fast" preparation time of printing operations. This advantage of "speedpa CD74" shows that it is an ideal device to meet the market demand of short edition printing. The live parts of short version packaging and printing often need to be replaced frequently. The preset paper feeding device and paper receiving device of the machine enable the operator to change the format and change materials at the fastest speed. When changing the washing cloth, the automatic cleaning device for the embossing drum and rubber drum can move easily

printing materials are a very important cost factor in packaging and printing. The ink supply and fountain system on the "speedpa CD74" offset press are designed to minimize waste

on the other hand, in addition to the requirements of qualified quality, the requirements of rapid production can not be ignored. The new CP2000 system attached to the CD74 (such as color fast solution for fast ink setting). Similarly, it can be of great help to the operator

the first batch of Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74 offset printing machines have been shipped this spring. Among them, the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. There are 4-color machines, and 6-color printing machines with polished unit and standard extended paper receiving unit

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