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Dongguan shoe and bag industry: starting its own brand or the best way out

compared with the adverse trend of the large traditional advantageous industries such as Dongguan furniture, Dongguan clothing, Dong1 and China's paper industry, such as Dongguan textile, which have expanded the loss area, Dongguan shoe and bag industry, which has many hidden export champions, has shown a downward trend in output value and profits in the past two years

Dongguan's shoe and bag industry once had a well-known history of Weishui. Due to its strong manufacturing capacity, it has always been the main source of OEM for the world's top luxury brands

recently, Liu Jiyun, Professor of industrial economics at Dongguan Institute of technology, led her research team to investigate the luggage and shoe industry in Dongguan. The research results showed that because they did not seize the first opportunity to create their own brands, with the rise of labor and raw material costs, Dongguan enterprises gradually squeezed the profits of luxury OEM

in addition, the research group also found that some top OEM factories in Dongguan used to only receive orders from world-class brands, but now they are slowly starting to do OEM for some brands in Fujian. In the past, Dongguan has been at the forefront of the OEM field. If the shoe and bag industry becomes the OEM base of domestic brands again, it will be a great pity for Dongguan's manufacturing industry

then, how should the shoe bag industry develop and how should the government support it

since the reform and opening up, China's luggage industry has developed rapidly, and its production and export rank first in the world. It has become a world recognized luggage production country, with tens of thousands of leather goods and luggage production enterprises. Nearly half of the world's annual demand for luggage and leather goods comes from China

China is the world's leather goods. China's leather goods are in Guangdong, and the Pearl River Delta leather products manufacturing base centered in Dongguan plays a decisive role in the country

Dongguan's luggage industry originated from the industrial transfer from Hong Kong and Taiwan undertaken in the early stage of reform and opening up. Due to path dependence, it is mainly the processing trade that establishes a new benchmark for the design and construction of areas with hot summer and cold winter. World famous luxury goods such as Hermes, LouisVuitton, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, coach, input the size information of the sample in the software operation parameter window, Chanel, Samsonite, bags, handbags and other products of world-famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, guess are all produced in Dongguan, and Dongguan luggage enterprises are vividly called invisible champions

the luggage industry is the advantageous traditional industry in Dongguan, and the manufacturing technology is praised by people

let's look at a group of proud data. According to the data of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of statistics in 2012, there are 1478 luggage processing and sales enterprises in Dongguan with organization code, including 51 Enterprises above Designated Size, accounting for 4.35% of the number of Enterprises above Designated Size in the country; The total industrial output value of luggage Enterprises above designated size is 6.217 billion yuan, accounting for 19.73% of the 31 billion yuan in Guangdong Province and 5.32% of the 114.9 billion yuan in China

although many invisible champions occupy the leading position in the industry in the world, their external publicity is very low-key, and enterprises basically don't want their names to appear in the newspapers

first, it is limited by the confidentiality agreement with customers. Sometimes when you are famous, all kinds of troubles will come, but it is not a good thing. Liu Jiyun said that because of the lack of private brands, as a processing enterprise, the enterprise's desire for publicity is relatively weak. In addition, in order to control costs, pay attention to internal skills, coupled with the low-key and pragmatic personality of the person in charge, these invisible champions have always been mysterious to the outside world

it has shown a downward trend in the past two years

since the introduction of the first Taiping handbag factory in Dongguan in 1978, the shoe and bag industry in Dongguan has been on the rise. In the 2008 financial crisis, although the growth rate slowed down, it is also growing steadily. Since 2012, it has shown a downward trend

according to the data of Dongguan Bureau of statistics in 2012, the total industrial output value of Dongguan luggage industry is 6.217 billion yuan, the industrial added value is 1.805 billion yuan, and the operating income is 6.335 billion yuan

in 2012, compared with 2011, the number of luggage Enterprises above Designated Size in Dongguan decreased by 19, and the number of employees decreased by 5500, a decrease of 10.91%. The total industrial output value, industrial added value and operating income decreased by 12.54%, 14.37% and 20.04 respectively. Correct their verticality%

in general, the scale of luggage industry above designated size has decreased

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