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Short resistance did not prevent Shanghai Jiao from accelerating its rise

although the main short sellers were still struggling to save themselves in the recent 911 contract, the forward contract of Shanghai Jiao continued to accelerate its rise. Obviously, short resistance and self rescue will not be able to save the situation

last Friday was the third day that the HuJiao 1001 contract successfully broke through the zigzag platform, and it was also the second day that the box broke through. Therefore, it still belongs to the early stage of a new round of rising market. This stage is not only the stage of the initial expansion of the book advantage and popularity advantage of bulls, but also the stage of the last tenacious resistance when bears refuse to commit and can switch randomly between control methods. This was reflected in the trend on the 17th. The bulls had obvious advantages in the forward 1001 contract, while the bears were defenseless. They only expanded their positions by more than 18000 hands and increased by 620 points. In order to avoid the fate of complete defeat, the bears were still fighting in the last ditch, but were forced to focus on the 911 contract, which was too deep. The latter significantly increased their positions by more than 37000 hands on the 17th, but only increased by 355 points, with a difference of 1.55%

bulls are ready to pull up

bulls pull up forward contracts for good reasons: first, the data released by the National Bureau of statistics on the 16th showed that China's economic recovery accelerated, and the GDP growth rate jumped from 6.1% in the first quarter to 7.8% in the second quarter. The overall stabilization and good momentum of the economy was supported by excess loans. Due to the high aesthetic requirements of white goods, it is difficult to reverse, and the expectation of long-term inflation also increased, This has provided a good external environment for the hype of the Shanghai Rubber Industry bulls; secondly, the just introduced policy of replacing old cars with new ones has provided a good industrial environment for the hype of the Shanghai Rubber Industry bulls; finally, the international rubber Union has over implemented the export restriction plan in the first half of the year, and the exports of the three countries in the first half of the year have been reduced by 540000 tons, higher than the planned 414000 tons, plus the policy cooperation of China's collection and storage of 100000 tons, The author has repeatedly reminded the market that the seasonal pressure of Tianjiao this year is not as great as the market expected, and bears cannot place high hopes on the seasonal pressure. At the same time, they are also drawing attention to the threat of El Ni ñ o phenomenon to Southeast Asian rubber producing countries. First, the drought in some regions led to the reduction of production in Thailand and Vietnam, and now the continuous rainstorm in Thailand has affected the rubber cutting process, causing a sharp rise in the spot price of the global rubber market, This provides a good and irresistible benefit theme for the hype of Shanghai Jiaotong bulls

this theme is fatal to bears: on the one hand, weather factors cannot be controlled and resisted; On the other hand, the weather factor is also hazy. Everyone has known that the heavy rain in Thailand has affected the rubber cutting, but at present, no one knows how much impact it will have in the end. There is still a period of time before it comes to the end, which provides time for the Bulls to continue their hype. When the market knows how much the final impact is, the Bulls' hype will definitely be over. At that time, Shanghai rubber will not only not be long, but also fall. At present, the normal hype of Shanghai Jiaotong bulls is also inevitable: he has brought rare stability in Turkish politics, which is far from this step, and it is impossible to reach this step if the acceleration of the rise is not sufficient

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