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Short print and large format printing promote the integration of tradition and digital

the trend of the market for flexibility, productivity, short print and large format printing has contributed to the integration of offset printing and digital printing. As commercial printing enterprises expand their business models and provide their customers with marketing services, short edition printing and same day delivery services, digital printing has also achieved sustainable development

enterprises using sheet fed offset printing machines are looking for ways to improve their product structure and combine flexible digital solutions with existing high-quality offset printing to achieve the purpose of deicing. To this end, Heidelberg will not only support these printing plants to develop their core offset business, but also enable them to apply the latest digital printing technology, so as to provide more flexible services for their customers

today, sheet fed offset printing enterprises are almost free from any restrictions in the face of various substrates, and there are no difficulties in the application of spot color, glazing process and special inks. If coupled with the assistance of high-end digital printing technology, professional printing plants will provide customers with variable data printing, print and take and cost-effective 4 Ultra short edition printing service during loading

Be able to actively assist customers to improve the continuity of products

ultra short edition printing and variable data printing can especially promote the competitiveness of printing plants. The cooperation between Heidelberg and Ricoh will take the lead in Germany and the UK. It is expected that this strategic policy will also be implemented in the Chinese market before the 2012 drupa exhibition

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