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The short board effect highlights the drag on the green development of the paper industry

the green development of the industry and the backward production capacity

at the seminar, Liu Endong, director of the North China supervision center of the Ministry of environmental protection, said: in 2000, the COD discharged by China's paper industry accounted for 44% of the total COD discharged by the national industry, 32% in 2005 and 20.3% in 2010, and the proportion of COD in the paper industry showed a downward trend. However, the paper industry is still a major producer of COD emissions in China. When formulating the 12th Five Year Plan energy conservation and emission reduction policy, the Ministry of environmental protection took the paper industry out alone. Because of the large amount of waste water discharged from the paper industry. If through technological innovation and transformation, the total amount of waste water discharged from the paper industry will have a large space to decline

Cheng Yanjun, director of China Light Industry Environmental Protection Research Institute, said that the overall impression of the paper industry is that it is not very environmentally friendly. It should be said that in the past, the average scale of paper enterprises was relatively small, the technology was relatively backward, the treatment facilities were not perfect, and the environmental protection work was very backward. However, after years of development, the industry has undergone great changes, especially the increasing number of excellent environmental protection enterprises such as Shandong Asia Pacific Senbo pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., which are excellent in the comprehensive utilization of water and solid waste. According to various materials released by the Ministry of environmental protection and other departments, although the output of the paper industry has increased a lot in recent years, the total emission of pollutants has decreased a lot compared with the past

Qian Yi, Deputy Secretary General of China Paper Association, said that in recent years, China's paper industry has developed relatively fast, while other countries are basically in a stable state. At present, the vast majority of the world's newly developed advanced technology and equipment are used in China. Therefore, China has a considerable part of production capacity, and the energy consumption, pollutant emission, water consumption and product quality per unit product are all world leaders

Qian Guijing, President of China Paper Association, pointed out that in 2010, China had 3724 paper-making enterprises above Designated Size, including 33 large-scale enterprises, accounting for 0.89%, 388 medium-sized enterprises, accounting for 10.42%, and 3303 small-scale enterprises, accounting for 88.69%; Large enterprises accounted for 26.75% of the total main revenue of the industry, medium-sized enterprises accounted for 34.6%, and small enterprises accounted for 38.65%. Compared with developed countries in the world, there is still a considerable gap in the number and scale of large enterprises in China's paper industry. However, large enterprises can reach or approach the international advanced level in terms of product quality, consumption quota, pollutant emission load, etc. However, there is a considerable gap between the quality, material consumption and pollution load of backward production capacity with a large proportion and the international advanced level. This part of production capacity accounts for about 35% of the total production capacity of the industry, while COD emissions account for 47% of the total emissions of the industry, which is the focus of energy conservation and emission reduction

this summer, we interviewed Asia Pacific Senbo with professionals from Finland, Germany and other paper developed countries. Facing the world's top equipment and the world's leading factory in environmental protection, foreign countries are surprised. Previously, I also visited some paper developed countries and found that there is no shortage of enterprises with world advanced level in China's paper industry, but the average level is lower than others. The reason is that backward production capacity lags behind

It is reported that at the end of 2011, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the target task of eliminating backward production capacity in 19 key industries in the industrial sector during the 12th Five Year Plan period, including 15million tons of paper industry. Compared with the 11th five year plan, the task of eliminating backward production capacity in the paper industry increased (1) power supply 2 The pressure range of cement bending and compression test machine is 130%

facing such a heavy task, what should the industry do

the keynote speakers attending the seminar agreed that the industry needs a combination of internal and external forces to vigorously eliminate backward production capacity

according to Liu Endong's analysis, the proportion of paper industry COD in the total industrial COD emission in China has decreased year by year for three reasons: first, the country has eliminated backward production capacity, second, the industry has carried out pollution source treatment, and third, the industry has launched a number of advanced projects

Huang Yunji, an old expert, believes that the market is now greatly impacted by backward production capacity. China's paper industry cannot turn over without eliminating backward production capacity. The state should vigorously support the development of large and advanced enterprises to squeeze the living space of backward production capacity. In addition, relevant policies should be implemented to eliminate backward production capacity, and there should be no thunder and rain

in our keynote speech, we agreed with Mr. Huang Yunji that at present, there are many enterprise policies of punishing the poor, but there are few enterprise policies of directly rewarding the good. Relevant departments should classify various emission indicators and water and energy consumption indicators. For enterprises that are superior to the national standard, the state should support or reward them by economic means. The implementation of incentive policies by the state can promote the development of advanced enterprises on the one hand, and guide more enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection on the other hand

Qian Yi told the participants that in September 2009, China Paper Association organized 32 domestic leading enterprises, including Asia Pacific Senbo, app, Huatai Paper and sun paper, to make green commitments. Then, all the 32 enterprises fulfilled their original environmental protection targets in production. On December 3, 2011, the China Paper Association once again organized nearly 100 pulp and paper enterprises to issue the "initiative to consciously fulfill the society and promote the green development of the paper industry" to the industry. The example force of the industry has expanded rapidly, which will promote the green development of the industry

Cheng Yanjun found that there are not many large enterprises engaged in industrial tourism. He believed that the practice of industrial tourism of Asia Pacific Senbo, app and sun paper should be affirmed. The environmental protection work of Asia Pacific Senbo and other enterprises provides a good reference for the sustainable development of the paper industry. If pulp and paper mills follow the high standards and strict requirements of enterprises in the future, the environmental protection level of the industry will be greatly improved, and the society will realize that the nature of the paper industry is green

the survival route of the industry is also the essence of circular economy

Cheng Yanjun stressed that the paper industry can't survive without environmental protection. In the past, production was the lifeline, and now environmental protection is the lifeline

at the seminar, everyone believed that the 12th Five Year Plan is an important transformation period for China's paper industry, and the industry should show its circular economy nature to the society under the leadership of advanced enterprises

gaodewu, vice chairman of Shandong Asia Pacific Senbo pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., told the participants that the company adheres to the sustainable development concept of high quality and efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental harmony. The environmental protection investment is as high as 3.63 billion yuan, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total investment. The technical equipment of the company has reached the world leading level, and various consumption and emission indicators are better than the relevant national and Shandong standards, and most indicators are also better than the European, American and Japanese standards

the company also insists on developing circular economy and reducing carbon emissions. At present, the water recycling utilization rate of the plant has reached more than 90%, the black liquor recovery rate in the production process has reached 100%, and the alkali recovery rate has reached 99.3%. The recovered biomass energy is used for power generation and steam production, which can not only meet the power needs of the plant itself, but also transmit the surplus power to the state. Through the recycling of the above biomass, the company can save 1.2 million tons of raw coal and 1.3 million tons each year; By recycling chemicals, 500000 tons and 600000 tons of caustic soda can be saved every year. Part of the sludge produced in the sewage treatment process of the company is used for power generation after dehydration, and the rest is used to produce pollution-free bio organic fertilizers, which are widely used in afforestation and agricultural production

Wang Shuguang, director of Rizhao Environmental Protection Bureau, Shandong Province, said: the environmental protection level of enterprises in the paper industry is uneven. It's hard for me to define this industry. Because I think there is no backward industry, only backward standards, backward technology and backward management

from the perspective of Asia Pacific Senbo environmental protection, his experience in 1. Metal ductility experiment is very deep. Although we are in the pulp and paper industry, which is considered to be seriously polluted by the society, Asia Pacific Senbo has a high level of equipment and management, and has done a very good job in environmental protection, making it the most reassuring enterprise for the environmental protection department

Wang Shuguang's view is that in the future, excellent enterprises such as Asia Pacific Senbo will be supported to vigorously stretch the industrial chain and become stronger and bigger as soon as possible to promote local economic development

Qian Guijing said that the paper industry is the most green, low-carbon and recyclable industry. Raw materials, as renewable resources, can be recycled through large-scale production, and paper, paperboard and paper products can be recycled after use. At the same time, the paper industry has mature technologies in chemical recovery and water recycling, which have been widely and successfully applied in the production process. The paper industry can realize the efficient utilization and recycling of resources, and it is a green industry with sustainable development. At the same time, the paper industry is the industry with the most low-carbon development conditions. The carbon accumulation effect in the production process of raw materials is very obvious, and a large number of biomass energy can be produced by using waste liquid, waste residue, waste, sludge and so on

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product of the paper industry was reduced by more than 18%, the average water intake was reduced by 17%, the emission of major pollutants COD was reduced by more than 53%, and the consumption of raw pulp per ton of paper and paperboard was reduced by 20.4%. The goal of increasing production and reducing pollution was achieved, which made outstanding contributions to the national goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the eleventh five year plan

Qian Guijing pointed out that there are so many resources in China. How to revise the steel bar bending experimental machine? Shortage and environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent. The green development of paper industry is not only the requirement of social environment, but also the need of survival and development. Returning the nature of circular economy of paper industry is the goal that China's paper industry must achieve

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