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Aerospace Materials Industrial Park Settled in Xi'an Aviation Industrial Base recently, the 14th China East West cooperation 9 Internal stress and other issues often affect the two processing and investment and trade fairs held in Xi'an. At the China Aviation City · Yanliang investment environment description and the signing ceremony between the project concentration and promotion to the next real clamping installation, the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation signed a cooperation agreement with Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation high technology industry base. The two sides will rely on the carbon fiber engineering project of the Fourth Academy kangben Materials Co., Ltd. and the PI membrane project of Xi'an Aerospace SANWO Chemical Co., Ltd. for oil contamination of pistons and bearings, Jointly plan and build the aerospace materials Industrial Park in Xi'an aviation industrial base

according to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will aim at the aviation, aerospace, electronics, new energy and other markets, give full play to the regional resource advantages of the aviation base and the technical project advantages of the four institutes, jointly build an aerospace materials Industrial Park in Xi'an aviation industrial base, aim to expand the carbon industry chain, develop the high-performance composite business represented by high-performance carbon fibers and products, and expand the fine chemical materials business, Develop the high-performance fine chemical materials business represented by polyimide and its products, jointly build an internationally advanced platform for the transformation and industrialization of new aerospace material technology achievements, and realize the large-scale and industrialized development of technical economy. At the same time, a series of aircraft carbon brake discs, solar thermal field materials, carbon fiber composite cable cores, high-performance flexible copper clad laminates, high-performance adhesives and advanced chemical materials for aviation and electronics industries, According to the maturity of the technology market and the construction of the park, the construction will be carried out step by step. More information: main products of Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.: friction and wear testing machine electronic/hydraulic universal testing machine/tensile testing machine/fatigue testing machine/changing the testing machine

in combination with the "12th Five Year" industrial development plan, the fourth Institute plans the industrial layout as a whole, and takes Yanliang as an important R & D and production base for carbon materials in the aerospace technology application industry. At present, kangben materials company and SANWO chemical company have settled in the base, and some production lines have been connected and started production. According to the cooperation agreement, the planned land area of the aerospace materials Industrial Park is 1000 mu, with a total investment of 2billion yuan. The construction period is from 2010 to 2015. It will build a military to civilian technology R & D and production base integrating the design and R & D of advanced aerospace materials and the production and sales of products, and build a platform for the transformation of aerospace scientific and technological achievements and industrialization development. At the same time, the two sides will also build a scientific research and engineering technology talent training base under the guidance of the project

as an important development area of China's aviation high-tech industry, Yanliang District Party committee, district government and Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation high-tech industry base management committee said that they would provide convenient conditions and technical and policy support for the fourth Institute in terms of industrial planning, land use, supporting facilities, construction, etc

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