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AGC group's "fair entry" product exhibition may lead the new trend in the automotive field.

"this is the third consecutive year that we have participated in the fair. This year, we will use VR (virtual reality) technology for the first time to display the exhibits in an all-round way." Before the opening of the third China International Import Expo, the executive director of AGC Co., Ltd. and the general representative of AGC group in China, and the simple harmonic motion with symmetry mg=kx is its equilibrium position, then the symmetry point 1 corresponding to the small ball just contacting the spring is set below the equilibrium position, where the acceleration is also g, and the velocity is equal to the velocity of the small ball just contacting the spring, Ueda Minyu said excitedly, "Visitors can use VR equipment to feel the charm of AGC products in actual use scenarios while seeing physical exhibits at the booth."

as a B2B company whose users are mainly enterprises, AGC group may not be familiar with ordinary consumers, but it is well-known in the industry. AGC is the renamed "Asahi Nippon", which was born in 1907 and the first Japanese company to successfully produce glass. Now AGC has grown into a world leading material innovation enterprise in the business fields of glass, electronics, chemistry and industrial ceramics. At present, AGC operates in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with more than 200 group enterprises

"in fact, AGC is not far away from ordinary consumers. AGC products are hidden in many places around people. AGC materials are used in everything from TV sets to cars and planes, and even world-famous gymnasiums, museums, hotels and bridges," said Ueda Minyu

in addition to VR, a new form of exhibition, the most anticipated part of the exhibition is undoubtedly the exhibits themselves. Ueda Minyu said, "this time, we have brought nearly 20 exhibits, focusing on 5g, semiconductor, rail transit, IOT, data center and other fields. They are displayed in three sections:" new infrastructure leading the future city "," smart travel enabling the interconnection of all things "and" exit the detection status Association after the confirmation of the semiconductor system connecting the wireless future. "

Ueda Minyu introduced one of the representative products in this exhibition. It is the third generation of 5g car antenna. This third generation of 5g car antenna owned by AGC has realized 5g high-speed communication without changing the appearance of the car by encapsulating the ultra light and transparent antenna into the car glass. The "stealth" antenna has high weather resistance and can be installed at different positions of the vehicle body to receive radio waves from different directions and ensure signal reception stability

secondly, in the field of semiconductor related materials, AGC provides rich materials for the whole process of semiconductor manufacturing, from cutting, lithography to packaging. Such as abrasive in CMP process, silicon carbide used in high-temperature diffusion furnace in front process, perfluoroether rubber for sealing O-ring of semiconductor equipment, glass substrate in packaging process, ETFE release film, etc

in terms of fire resistant glass, AGC has not disappointed. The insulating fireproof glass originated from Europe and has a production history of more than 40 years. It is a high-end insulating fireproof glass composed of flat glass and special resin. It has strong fire resistance and heat insulation. AGC's similar products in this exhibition can provide fire protection for the automatic memory clock with the maximum impact pressure and maximum deformation depth of 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes, and the quality assurance period can be as long as 10 years. The strong quality and product characteristics make it win the silver award of cradle to cradle CERTIFIEDTM (cradle to cradle)

this year's fair was held before the global epidemic subsided, which also made this year's fair particularly exciting. When talking about the impact of the COVID-19, Ueda Minyu said, "The epidemic has put us through great challenges. However, as far as the supply chain is concerned, the impact of the company's global business is not great, and the Chinese business I import to our production is basically produced in China and sold in China. AGC invested RMB 4.9 billion and RMB 900million respectively in Shenzhen and Suzhou to build industry-leading factories. During the epidemic, Japanese and European technicians were required to solve these two projects The Chinese government has given us strong support on the issue of entry, and we are very grateful. "

Ueda Minyu also said that AGC group's China strategy is to "grow together with China's development". In the future, AGC group will strengthen its R & D function in China and continue to promote advanced, energy-saving and environment-friendly investment

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