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Aerospace Machinery and Electronics: the allotment of 1.8 billion shares hit the photovoltaic industry. On July 22, the issuance Audit Committee of the CSRC examined and approved the application for allotment of aerospace machinery and electronics. It is planned to raise RMB 1.837 billion for the rights issue of aerospace Electromechanical, of which RMB 1billion will be used to increase the capital of Inner Mongolia Shenzhou Silicon Industry Co., Ltd., which produces polycrystalline silicon upstream, and RMB 837million will be used to increase the capital of Shanghai Shenzhou New Energy Development Co., Ltd., which produces 150MW solar energy cells with different sensors downstream

1.8 billion yuan of aerospace mechanical and electrical equipment is "invested" in the solar photovoltaic industry, which is impressive. It shows its determination to regard the new energy photovoltaic industry as the leading industry in the future

according to the analysis of insiders, through this layout, aerospace electromechanical has built a complete new energy photovoltaic industry chain, which is in line with the overall direction of new energy development. While developing the production of solar modules, it will enter the polysilicon production and downstream system integration industry at the most upstream of the new energy photovoltaic industry chain, expand the output of solar cells, match the capacity of solar cells with that of module packaging, create a vertically integrated new energy photovoltaic industry chain, and greatly promote the sustainable development of the company

it is reported that Shenzhou silicon is a company specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of polysilicon and downstream products and by-products. The first phase of the 1500 T/a polysilicon project has completed equipment online commissioning and entered the trial production stage. In 2009, the polysilicon production capacity is expected to reach 400 tons. Phase II 3000t/a polycrystalline silicon project is also under construction as planned. Up to now, aerospace electromechanical has consolidated and held 60.34% of the equity of Shenzhou silicon

Shenzhou new energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of aerospace Electromechanical, mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of renewable energy technologies. The construction project of Shenzhou new energy 150MW solar cell production line has obtained the commencement permit and entered the comprehensive construction stage

photovoltaic is an important part of new energy, but the sudden economic crisis has brought a great negative impact on the development of photovoltaic industry (for example, the clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber). At present, the polysilicon market is not optimistic. Its spot price has dropped from the highest $400/kg in 2008 to the current $70-80/kg

in this regard, some experts in the industry believe that the sharp drop in polysilicon prices will not have an impact on the increase of 1billion yuan from aerospace Electromechanical to Shenzhou silicon industry. In the long run, a complete industrial chain layout is beneficial to the sustainable development of aerospace electromechanical solar cell products. In addition, polycrystalline silicon is a part of the entire photovoltaic industry, and its short-term price decline means that the price of its downstream solar products will be reduced, which can promote the development of the entire photovoltaic industry. The expert believes that, in fact, the trend that the solar photovoltaic industry will eventually become an alternative energy for mankind will not change, and its development trend is moving from the initial stage to the mature stage. In 2009, with the effective release of production capacity, the price of polysilicon will return to a reasonable level, squeezing out the inflated foam, laying the groundwork for the large-scale launch of the domestic photovoltaic market

the purpose of aerospace Electromechanical to accelerate the investment in upstream and downstream is to seize this "reshuffle" opportunity. Once the bottleneck of "silicon industry" manufacturing is cleared and the source of photovoltaic industry chain is mastered, aerospace electromechanical can not only realize the sustainable development of photovoltaic industry to create more suitable solutions, but also enhance the ability to resist market risks. This is also a source of confidence for aerospace Electromechanical to invest heavily in polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, battery chips, system integration and other fields

it is also understood that in 2009, some countries are expected to regard new energy as an important area to stimulate market demand and continue to adopt active support policies. With the introduction of the revitalization plan for new energy sensors and the new local policies, the new energy photovoltaic industry is facing new opportunities

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