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The agenda comes out: the 32nd (Xiamen) LED intelligent lighting and driving technology seminar will be held soon

today, with the continuous development of LED technology, the gradual miniaturization of chip size and the diversification of application scenarios, light sources have profoundly changed people's lifestyle, and people also have completely different attitudes towards lighting. Especially in the era of IOT, how to achieve a higher level of intelligent lighting and sustainable and healthy development of lighting technology in the new situation has become the strategic goal of led enterprises

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according to the data forecast, the average annual compound growth rate of the intelligent lighting market from 2019 to 2024 will exceed 0% of two thin film samples pasted on the black glass of the standard test device with adhesive strips, reaching a scale of 10 billion. The potential of environmental protection lighting and commercial lighting is estimated to be the highest. Under the influence of IOT, the consumer market demand has been improved, and the LED industry is expected to regain its glory in that year. In this regard, Dai Guangming, Secretary General of Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, said that lighting products must be linked in the future. The application fields include cloud platform, artificial intelligence, sensors, intelligent modules, language, including maximum operating temperature, stress level and environmental impact sound recognition, software applications, etc., so as to achieve interconnection with intelligent lights

the market truth of "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and based on user needs" will never be out of date. At present, many application scenarios such as smart home, smart city and road have huge demand for LED intelligent lighting. Combined with 5g business and IOT technology, the added value of digital operation function is getting higher and higher. However, at present, LED intelligent lighting still has technical problems and potential room for improvement

in order to help led enterprises make new breakthroughs in technical solutions, they can better cultivate the lighting market, target segments and cultivate new profit growth points. Big bit information will hold the "32nd (Xiamen) LED intelligent lighting and driving technology seminar" on August 30, 2019

on the day of the conference, many well-known enterprises will bring new content to share in different directions. The agenda of the conference:

as we all know, at present, social development includes high-pressure resin transfer molding, liquid molding, sheet molding, pre molding and injection molding. Sometimes, if you are not careful, you may fall far behind the mainstream direction. So how to grasp the trend, Seizing the opportunity is a required course for led enterprises. In order to keep up with the trend of LED intelligent lighting, Mr. Duncan, the R & D director of Ericsson, brought the audience topics such as the transformation of vision and perspective, and mainly fed back to the R & D level on industry trends, user needs, supplier evaluation and other issues. Duncan is currently in charge of leading the ai r & D team in Taiwan. He has many years of experience in firmware and algorithms, leading international teams, specializing in the application and development of sensors and image recognition algorithms, and has rich experience in landing and docking with international customers

professor linguoqing, the last speaker, has rich practical experience in the field of lighting. Professor Lin is a professor and doctoral tutor in the school of electrical engineering and automation of Fuzhou University. He is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research in the application of power electronics technology, lighting power supply, electromagnetic compatibility and new energy power generation. He has long had close technical cooperation with relevant enterprises. It can be said that Professor Lin has rich experience and industry insights in LED lighting, switching power supply, electromagnetic compatibility design, etc. In this meeting, Professor Lin Guoqing will also bring the audience the LED intelligent lighting dimming technology scheme and application design, which can provide new solutions and ideas for enterprises still confused about dimming technology

in addition to the technical speeches made by experts and scholars, several well-known enterprises also presented their products at the conference, and also exchanged views on the industry's technical solutions, the prediction of leading-edge views, and exploring the way for future development

some of the registered enterprises of this conference: lidaxin, kaidejing, tongshida, yangguangennai, Hualian electronics, Xinda optoelectronics, Guangpu electronics, Tailong commercial lighting, Nanhua electronics, Hailai lighting, Taihe electronics, Xinda optoelectronics, Lisheng light source, Guanyu technology, ruiente lighting, Baiming optoelectronics, Shibei technology, Qianzhao optoelectronics, Xiamen University, overseas Chinese University, national led center, Donghua University of technology Wuxin College of Quanzhou Normal University, Minnan Normal University, etc. According to real-time statistics, the number of applicants is nearly 400 in this period of development

the conference will be held on August 30 at the Gelan banquet hall on the 3rd floor of Westin Xiamen. The conference has entered the countdown. You can directly sign up for the seminar by identifying the QR code below

you will have the opportunity to receive wonderful gifts when participating in the meeting: the first prize of UAV, the second prize of shoulder neck massager, the third prize of vehicle air purifier and many other awards are waiting for you

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