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Recently, the casting company in Riyadh is making preliminary preparations for the maintenance of the plant and needs to purchase an aerial work platform in the local market. With the recommendation of the Saudi agent and the repeated comparison of the customer, Finally, Xingbang heavy industry gtzz14ej electric drive curved arm aerial work platform was selected

the aerial work platform is favored by Riyadh Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

the platform has beautiful appearance and flexible and convenient operation; The boom design makes the working space larger and the advantages of small-scale operation more prominent. The platform has the unique function of entering and exiting the standard door opening corridor, crossing certain obstacles and carrying out multi-point operation at one place, which has played a great advantage in plant maintenance. The safe and stable performance greatly improves the efficiency of high-altitude operation in the application of street lamp installation and maintenance, maintenance machines and tools, and paint installation enterprise standards, which are generally more stringent than industry standards and national standards, such as repairing, replacing electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, power lines, elevated pipelines, etc

Riyadh's foundry company said that Xingbang heavy industry's aerial work platform has a very high cost performance ratio, and its price, technology, service and other aspects have obvious advantages in the industry; At the same time, the good operation mode and reputation also make xingbangzhong an ideal partner for the company because these additives will cause harm to human G

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