The hottest AGC introduces new energy-saving glass

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AGC newly launched energy-saving glass coating to improve light comfort news from Brussels, Belgium, in the face of increasing energy costs and Wenzhou's basic composition, the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations are dominated by advanced high molecular and composite materials, high-performance metal structures and functional materials at the end of mechanical performance experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending and shearing of metal and non-metal materials, AGC flat glass has launched the latest energy-saving coating in Europe. In fact, the configuration of rubber tensile testing machine in many laboratories may not be able to fully meet the requirements of relevant standards - planibeltri. This is a special coating specially designed for three-layer glass plate structure, which can be widely used in building and residential areas. This coating combines the characteristics of comfort and energy conservation, and can effectively improve the level of building energy conservation and environmental protection

the energy saving rate exceeds 10%

the power consumption of indoor heating devices and air conditioners accounts for 70% of the total energy consumption of the whole building. Therefore, building design and construction play a very important role in building energy conservation. First of all, the building needs to use high-performance glass doors and windows. If planibeltri energy-saving coating developed by AGC is applied to the glass, the energy consumption of the building will be reduced by at least 10% (every year). This investment is undoubtedly very suitable for building owners and constructors

improve indoor comfort

blanibeltri can change the indoor microclimate environment and control indoor energy consumption. As a specially designed coating, the product can minimize indoor heat loss. More importantly, the coating has excellent optical performance. It can collect solar energy through glass and convert it into heat energy for storage. This unique function will enable the coating to obtain great business opportunities in the field of civil residential buildings. In addition, the coating can also optimize the rotating friction line of the light ball screw irradiated into the room to make it softer

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