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Aerospace Hezhong's special composite packaging products entered the market

from the 19th century, when they were first included in the Oxford Dictionary of the United Kingdom to today, when the commodity economy is highly developed, the word packaging has been heard everywhere, so that many people don't think it is the product quality that is fundamental, and packaging can only play a fancy decorative role

this understanding is still popular in many industries. However, when you understand the way that the special composite material storage and transportation boxes of Beijing Aerospace Hezhong science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hezhong company) under the 508 Institute of China Aerospace Science and technology corporation enter the market, you will find that the necessary and high-quality packaging is not only conducive to shaping the product brand, but also a safety insurance for the product quality

aerospace materials become special packaging

appropriate and reasonable packaging is the icing on the cake. We will neither embroider on gunny bags nor doodle on brocade and silk. Huang hang, general manager of Hezhong company, said with a smile

The composite materials research office of institute 508 has been committed to the research and production of supporting materials for star ships and arrows in the aerospace field. Until 2005, taking the launch of a product storage and transportation box project as an opportunity, aerospace United Company came into being

compared with wooden packing cases and metal packing cases, composite material storage and transportation cases overcome the disadvantages of traditional packing cases, such as heavy weight, poor corrosion resistance and sealing, and high processing and manufacturing costs. They adopt advanced design concepts, integrate structure and functions, greatly improve the comprehensive performance of storage and transportation cases, and meet the packaging needs of a new generation of aerospace products

take the aerospace products delivered to various launch sites for example. The original aluminum alloy packaging box needs to be replaced within two times on average; Since the composite material special storage and transportation box was replaced, the packaging box has not been replaced. Huang hang even joked that they were hopeless to use such packing cases because they could not see when the next batch of orders would arrive

if you witness some aerospace products scrapped during transportation and storage due to poor packaging, you may no longer reject the packaging awareness; If you know that the packaging cost accounts for 5% ~ 10% of the total cost in similar foreign industries, you may not feel that special storage and transportation boxes are expensive. Huang hang patiently introduced and compared them to you. He said that in the past few years, such words have been said too many times. The company always promotes the concept of necessary packaging to customers while promoting products

508 Institute completed the construction of special storage and transportation box project base in 2008, providing a broader space for Hezhong company to display its strength and providing a guarantee for the serialization and industrialization of packaging products. At the same time, the special composite storage and transportation box project has also undergone major changes in strategic layout and management ideas, and has practiced the concept of market operation by using the advantages of aerospace technology

as of 2009, the company has developed 3 series and 11 specifications of special composite material storage and transportation boxes, including product packaging boxes and instrument and equipment packaging boxes, and the product type spectrum has initially appeared

in 2010, with the support and encouragement of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Hezhong company undertook the task of formulating the specification for composite material storage and transportation containers of aerospace products, which greatly established its leading position in the field of composite material storage and transportation containers, improved the voice of the industry, and was of great significance to market development and product popularity promotion

but they are generally bearish on the future market

the awareness of high-quality products should be put an end to the road products

the quality concept of the spaceman will always come first. As Huang hang said, the quality of the products from our company's workshop should first be up to the space flag flying at our door

the best design, the lightest weight, the best performance and the highest price. These four aspects are judged by the customer for the company's special storage and transportation boxes after authoritative testing and comparison

this series of coating products have superior process adaptability and stability

since its establishment, in just a few years, the company's partners have rapidly expanded from one to more than a dozen. What is more valuable is that its products have been highly praised by major customers, including China ordnance industry group and China Aviation Industry Group

in the domestic large-scale composite special storage and transportation box market, the company has been in a leading position, leading its peers for a considerable distance in terms of design and manufacturing process. Among them, the drawer type packing box design mode is an eye opener for peers: on the one hand, it not only improves the sealing performance, greatly saves the time for product packing and out of the box, and shortens the half-hour in and out of the box process to seven minutes; On the other hand, the sandwich structure design is the first in China. The weight of the box is only 1200 kg, which is successfully reduced by one third compared with the ordinary composite packaging box of more than two tons

gradually, the brand of the company's special storage and transportation containers began to be established, but the threshold for project access they set for themselves is becoming higher and higher: they must focus on projects with high technical difficulties, high added value and high quality requirements, and resolutely refuse low-level Road products

the Chaoyang Park Ferris wheel project under planning in Beijing should be regarded as the first and representative civil project of the company. The world's largest Ferris wheel project built in Chaoyang Park in imitation of the London eye was fully undertaken by the French POMA company, and the manufacturing of 48 lift cars finally fell on the company's shoulders

European quality, Chinese price is the first problem that boma company throws out to Hezhong company, that is, it requires the production quality of lift cars according to foreign standards and pays fees according to Chinese price standards. Considering that this is a good opportunity to promote the brand and make made in China famous, the company decided to face the difficulties

Huang hang said: Although the contract was signed between boma and Hezhong, these products not only represent the level of aerospace capability, but also represent the level of made in China to a certain extent. We want to prove to the world that more than 3/4 of them are hot air plastic granulators, and that made in China can also occupy a place in the world. Although the price of the product is much lower than that of other models, it can also benefit from advertising and brand publicity

boma has set very high requirements for the quality and appearance of lift car products. According to the technical requirements put forward by the other party, Hezhong company carried out item by item comparison, from raw materials, production samples to physical products to France for testing, and the results were all in line with the requirements

facing the inspection results, the French side said with emotion: whether it is product quality or development progress, we should give a thumbs up for the excellent performance of Hezhong company. The French technicians even praised that the product quality provided by Hezhong has exceeded that provided by similar European companies, and many Tier-1 suppliers have withdrawn their products from this field

the 12th Five Year Plan has come. Hezhong company is striving for a more ambitious blueprint. On the basis of improving the existing models of special storage and transportation boxes and forming batch production capacity, it is focusing on the development of high-end composite products; While further developing military shelters, helicopter seats, microwave communication antennas, advanced composite structural parts of weapons and equipment and other products, vigorously develop the civil market to form a series and diversification of products; Constantly improve the construction indicators of the industrial base, so that it can develop into a special equipment industrial base with certain scale, professional characteristics and economic benefits to meet the needs of modern national defense

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