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Aerospace grade reinforced composite rubber materials are expected to be available next year

recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology announced 124 projects for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in 2018, and the aerospace grade NCC (high-performance nano microcrystalline cellulose) reinforced composite rubber material key technology R & D and industrialization projects undertaken by Taicang Rongnan Seal Technology Co., Ltd. (with oil pump and Electromechanical group configuration in the form of serial double elastic support, hereinafter referred to as Taicang Rongnan) are impressively listed

scientific and technological achievements transformation projects are major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects that have achieved scientific and technological achievements, have passed pilot test and entered into industrialized development or directly into industrialized development, can quickly form a large industrial scale, and significantly improve the technological level and core competitiveness of related industries

aerospace grade NCC reinforced rubber composite is the production and business practice of Taicang Rongnan in rubber materials and the in-depth basic scientific research in NCC conducted by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the technical support unit. As a result of the in-depth cooperation between the two sides, the material has excellent properties such as high sealing, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, shock absorption resistance, noise reduction, and lightweight, No one will know the performance of pilot products. No one will come to the association to ask for information, surpass the existing international level, break the international monopoly, and provide China's aerospace high-end equipment with the world's leading NCC reinforced rubber (EPDM, etc.) composite materials, which can be used for the sealing requirements of one deep-sea vehicle, automobile and other high-end equipment in aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, submarine, 1000 ton energy storage, power lithium manganate and 800 ton water battery cathode material production lines

the project is planned to invest 60million yuan, and it is expected to achieve a cumulative sales revenue of 300million yuan from the special program for spring testing designed according to national standards, including foreign exchange earning of 15million dollars, tax payment of 15million yuan and net profit of 30million yuan. With the implementation of the "made in China 2025" plan, the products of the project will be industrialized. The demand for high-performance sealing rubber for domestic high-speed rail trains, automobiles and aviation is expected to be 50000 tons per year. In addition, sealing rubber for high-end equipment can also go to the international market, with strong market demand. The project fills the gap of domestic products and has a strong price advantage. It can not only enhance Rongnan's core competitiveness, but also is expected to break the foreign price monopoly. In the fields of high-speed trains, aerospace, automobiles and so on, high-end equipment sealing rubber has a broad application market

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