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Lampblack machine, which is an essential household appliance in the kitchen, has not seen anyone's kitchen without lampblack machine, especially our Chinese food, lampblack is heavy, and the editor sometimes forgets to turn on the lampblack machine in a muddle headed way. After cooking a meal, the whole person feels bad

the purchase of range hood has been introduced to you before, so how to install it when you buy it? Do you know how high the range hood in your kitchen should be installed? You won't meet when cooking, and the effect of smoking is very good? What should we pay attention to when installing the range hood

1. Installation position

Xiaobian has previously introduced to you that range hoods are divided into top suction, side suction and down suction according to the installation position. Top suction and side suction range hoods should be horizontally installed directly above the stove. Considering the operation and smoking effect, the height of the top suction type from the stove is generally about 70 cm, and the distance from the bottom of the side suction type to the stove can be closer, generally about 40 cm

2. Pay attention to details

when reserving the installation position of the range hood, everyone should be able to think that the range hood should not be installed near the gate, the windy corridor and other places where the air convection is strong and windy, otherwise it will have a bad impact on the effect of smoking, because if the air convection is too large, the range hood will be blown away before it rises to the effective suction range of the range hood, It was still full of oil smoke, choking to death

during installation, it should also be noted that the air outlet pipe of the range hood should be as short as possible and the turning radius should be as large as possible to facilitate air outlet

when installing the smoke machine, keep the level of the smoke machine to prevent oil leakage. Use power sockets with reliable grounding to ensure safety. Before installation, make sure that there are no water pipes, gas pipes and wires passing through the perforated parts to avoid damage and potential safety hazards

3. Commissioning inspection

after installation, you must remember to run and try. See if the operation is convenient. At this time, if there are other unfinished projects in your kitchen, you can put a protective film on the range hood to prevent pollution and damage




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