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At the stage of new house decoration and house collection, how to ensure the construction quality of decoration supervision is a matter of concern to Wuhan owners. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about some key supervision knowledge that decoration supervision needs to master

VI. joint decoration part

there are many joint parts in the decoration of new houses, such as the butt joint of windows and the joint of walls and doors. The colors of the two coatings will be different, which are easy to be perfunctory by the construction master. Wuhan owners often see that the coatings between emulsion paint and wood are mixed with each other, and various problems appear at the joints. The treatment of joints is very important, and the owner or construction supervisor must supervise the workers to carry out the construction carefully. If there are two colors of paint connected on the wall, the adhesive tape must be pasted on the edge of the first color during the construction, and then the paint of another color must be painted on it, so as long as the adhesive tape is torn off after the construction, the whole joint can be very neat

VII. Wires need to be threaded in pipes

in the construction of home decoration, almost all wires are threaded in PVC pipes and buried in the wall. Therefore, after the wire is threaded into the PVC pipe, the consumer cannot see it at all, and it is difficult to replace it. If the workers are not careful in operation, the wires will be twisted in the pipe, causing hidden dangers of electricity. If workers deliberately cut corners, they will use wires with connectors or thread several wires in the same PVC pipe. Consumers had better buy Wires by themselves, then supervise workers' operation on site, and conduct power on inspection after installation. In addition, consumers must let the decoration company leave a "pipeline diagram", especially indicating the joint position of the pipeline, so that once there is a fault, the line position can be found immediately

VIII. The ground needs to be leveled

the ground of some houses is not flat enough and needs to be leveled again during decoration. If the workers are not careful or deliberately rough, it will cause the problem of "more and more uneven", and the cement mortar used in the construction will greatly increase the ground load and bring hidden dangers to the safety of the building. Before the ground leveling, the base treatment of the ground must be done first, and then the ground leveling must be carried out with cement mortar. After the cement dries out, use a special level to determine the flatness of the whole ground, and then proceed to the next step of construction

IX. wall base treatment

before painting emulsion paint and paving wall and floor tiles, we must do a good job in base treatment. Some workers cut corners in this aspect during construction, which may cause uneven walls, color difference after latex paint is applied, or discoloration and falling off of latex paint, or poor pasting of ceramic tiles. In the paving construction of wall and floor tiles, you should pay attention to that the tiles cannot be directly paved on the surface of lime mortar, lime paste, paper reinforced lime paste, machete lime paste and emulsion paint, but the base surface should be cleaned before paving. The bonding slurry used between the ceramic tile and the base shall be prepared in strict accordance with the construction standards and proportions, and the cement and bonding adhesive materials with the specified grades shall be used, which cannot be prepared at will

the above points are some key supervision knowledge of Wuhan owners and decoration supervisors to supervise the decoration and ensure the quality. Wuhan owners need to check the quality of these major aspects. For more decoration knowledge, please pay attention to Wuhan home decoration network decoration channel(!




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