10 taboos for children's room decoration

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Safety is the most important in the decoration of children's room. Many parents know to choose healthy, environmental friendly, soft and resilient children's room furniture to improve the safety effect. But in addition to these, there are also some dangerous elements that we can't see with the naked eye, that is, the taboos of children's room decoration, which will also affect the growth of children. Next, let's work with Wuhan home decoration network editor to understand some taboos of children's room decoration and take good care of children's growth

1. The decoration of children's room cannot be designed next to the machine or under the balcony. There will be a lot of radiation next to the machine, which may lead to neurasthenia of young children, and it is unsafe to design under the balcony, and a little carelessness may cause the risk of falling

2. The decoration of children's bedroom should be mainly bright colors, because dark colors will remind children of the horror scenes in the fairy tale world, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children

3. The doors and windows of the decoration of the children's room should not be directly facing the toilet door, otherwise = the filthy smell will pose a threat to the children's health

4. The decoration of children's room should reserve enough free space for children, because children themselves are lively and lively. Too much furniture decoration will make children fall into the stumbling Shanghai more

5. The decorative paintings on the background wall of the children's room had better not choose the grotesque horror animal pictorial, because the children's imitation ability is very strong, and too strange elements may make the baby have strange behaviors

6. It's best not to have items in front of the desk. Many people like to set shelves on the background wall above the desk to increase storage, but it's best to avoid such a design in the decoration of the children's room. On the one hand, when the child is taking it, objects fall and hurt the child

7. When decorating the bedroom of the children's room, if there are windows at the head of the bed, curtains must be set to avoid too strong direct natural light, otherwise children are easy to be upset and grumpy

8. Children's beds cannot be placed under the beam. Both adults and children should pay attention to this when decorating the bedroom. Putting the bed under the beam is easy to have nightmares and is not conducive to sleep, which is important for children

9. Children's room furniture is something to get along with children day and night, so when choosing, we must ensure its safety. It is best to choose wood or plastic furniture with health, environmental protection and high safety. Arc design is also a good choice

10. Children like bright and beautiful colors, so the decoration of children's room should also choose some bright colors as much as possible to avoid gloomy dark colors, because colors sometimes affect children's mood, and colors can add happiness to babies





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