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Clearly stating the real price means that there is no bargaining. For consumers, the cost is more clear, eliminating the trouble of shopping around and bargaining, which can be said to save time, effort and worry. Most goods in supermarkets and shopping malls are priced clearly, but as for furniture and building materials, it is difficult to promote them because of multiple factors such as direct sales, distribution, booth rental fees and so on. A few years ago, unexpectedly home took the lead in launching clear and real price in home stores. Is it feasible for window and door occupations

first, it is difficult to clearly mark the price.

although door and window goods are clearly priced now, during the period of right and wrong activities, door and window brands have more or less room for price concessions on the basis of the price, and the ways of profit concessions are basically divided into three situations: the brand itself is preferential, that is, the manufacturer sells directly or directly, the store manager makes profits, and the same brand buys two or three kinds of goods, which can be appropriately preferential. However, as for the commodities marked with special price and preferential price, there is no room for profit in the quotation

it is true that there are few people with clear and real prices in the door and window profession. In the door and window profession, the promotion of clear and real prices is relatively difficult, and now most of them adopt the way of bargaining. First tier and well-known brands will basically adopt clear and real prices, but niche brands will have a high price and low discount. In addition, the insiders revealed that the building materials shopping malls have less clear and real prices, which is related to the nature of the occupation, the spending thoughts of the consumers, the degree of competition in the shopping malls, etc

second, the main reason for quotation imbalance is that there are many ways to sell, and the quotation of shopping malls will form a certain imbalance, such as online group purchase, community group purchase, etc. the group cost is naturally different from that of buying alone. In addition, the sharp contrast and severe homogenization of professional competitions prevent the implementation of explicit and real prices. This may be related to poor brand awareness and concentration. Sometimes, when businesses make clear quotations, consumers will still bargain and negotiate, and the implementation of clear and real prices is blocked, which is also related to the shopping intention of consumers. Marco Polo Shifeng believed that most first-line brands can achieve clear and real prices for doors and windows, but the impact of low prices and low discounts of niche brands will make it difficult for all shopping malls to fully implement the clear and real prices

third, the way to open the price of doors and windows

many companies think that in order to be a competitive company in the world, it is necessary to have more energy to innovate, improve the quality of goods and improve customer service, rather than staying in the endless vicious quotation war. Clearly marking the real price is the greatest protection for the interests of consumers, and clearly marking the real price is also an inevitable requirement for career standardization. Clearly stating the real price does not conflict with the discount promotion. The goods are marked with real price, and the manufacturer makes profits or the store offers concessions. They are all carried out on the basis of real price, not that there is moisture in the quotation, but that the manufacturer and the store make profits and promote sales. As for home building materials, it is difficult to achieve herd effect without promotional activities. Some promotional activities are not preferential to the company, and the stores make profits. In the final analysis, it is still profitable for consumers

it can be seen that real price will be a trend in the future, but it will be difficult to complete in the short term. In at least 5 to 10 years, the door and window profession will not be able to complete the full and clear price. Now there are many home shopping malls, and the preferential strength between shopping malls is also different. In addition, this is also related to the nature of home building materials occupation, the spending habits and preferences of consumers. It may be difficult to complete in the short term, as the door and window industry is now in the period of reshuffle, the livelihood of small brands will become more and more difficult, and then be screened out. In this way, there will be a small upsurge in the development of shopping malls, and the promotion of real price may be much smoother. In addition, door and window agent malls are mixed, and big brands, small brands, stickers, etc. are mixed together, which makes big brands dare not easily show real price. After screening the brands with fallen production capacity, the mall will naturally complete the clear and real price

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