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Wood plastic floor is a new type of environmental friendly wood plastic composite material product. The wood phenol produced in the production of medium and high-density fiberboard is added into recycled plastic and made into wood plastic composite material through granulation equipment, and then extruded into wood plastic floor

wood plastic flooring should be familiar to everyone. Wood plastic flooring is made of wood plastic composite materials. It has the same processing characteristics as wood. Using ordinary tools, you can sawing, drilling and nailing. It is very convenient and can be used like ordinary wood. At the same time, it has the woodiness of wood and the water-resistant and anti-corrosion characteristics of plastic, making it an outdoor waterproof and anti-corrosion building material with excellent performance and very durable. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of wood plastic flooring and the laying method of wood plastic flooring

I. characteristics of wood plastic flooring

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof

it fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are easy to rot and swell and deform after absorbing water in humid and watery environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used

2. Insect and moth prevention

insect and termite prevention, effectively eliminating insect harassment and extending service life

3. Colorful

there are many colors to choose from. It not only has natural woodiness and wood texture, but also can customize the required colors according to your own personality

4. Strong plasticity

wood plastic flooring has strong plasticity, which can easily realize personalized modeling and fully reflect personalized style

5, green environmental protection

high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable. The product does not contain benzene, and the formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than the EO standard. It is the European grading environmental protection standard. It can be recycled, which greatly saves the amount of wood used. It is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefits the society

6. High fire resistance

wood plastic floor can be effectively flame retardant, with a fire rating of B1. It will extinguish itself in case of fire, and will not produce any toxic gas

7. Good machinability

can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled, and the surface can be painted

8. Convenient construction

simple installation, convenient construction, no complicated construction process, saving installation time and cost

9. Good stability

no cracking, no expansion, no deformation, no maintenance and repair, easy to clean, and save later maintenance and repair costs

10. Sound insulation

good sound absorption effect and energy saving, making indoor energy saving up to more than 30%

II Common specifications of wood plastic floor

72*12 splicing floor 100*20 solid floor 100*25.8 outdoor floor

125*23 outdoor floor 135*25 hollow plastic wood floor 139*23 floor

140*21 outdoor floor 140*23 outdoor floor 140*23.5 three arch plate

140*25 outdoor floor 140*25 solid floor 140*25 six hole floor

145*25 four hole hollow floor 146*31 four hole hollow plastic wood floor 150*25 hollow plastic wood floor

146*22 four hole floor 140× 35 hollow floor 140× 35 solid floor

150× 50 solid plastic wood floor 96× 26 solid plastic wood floor 146× 20 solid plastic wood floor

140× 23 eight hole round hole floor 140× 40 hollow plastic wood floor 140× 40 solid plastic wood floor

150× 50 hollow plastic wood floor 150× 25 solid plastic wood floor 146× 20 solid plastic wood floor 145× 30 solid plastic wood floor

III. laying method of wood plastic floor

1. Wood plastic floor is usually laid from the entrance of the room to the room or from one wall to the other wall

2. Before paving wood plastic flooring, the floor of the room to be paved should be inspected and repaired. Although it is said that the wood plastic floor has the effect of waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew proof, Mori MaoMu wood plastic suggests that residents living on the first floor should have a detailed understanding of the moisture regain on the ground in four seasons. If the moisture regain is serious, be sure to apply a layer of waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil first

3. In order to make the floor beautiful, we need to plan and design the central axis before laying the wood plastic floor. The central axis is the baseline for laying the floor. Especially when several rooms in the same unit are laid at the same time, the planning and design of the axis is more important. Please consult the on-site master for specific measures

4. The laid wood plastic floor plates should be carefully sorted according to the quality and color. If the quality is good and the color is consistent, try to put it in the center and prominent place of the house. Usually, the on-site master will orally inform you

5. The starting point of laying wood plastic floor plates must be very neat, stable and solid. Its starting point, whether it is tongue and groove floor or flat floor, should be sticky and solid

6. When laying wood plastic floor slabs, the four edges and four corners of each slab must be parallel and vertical to each other, and there must be no error, because with the expansion of the laying area, the error also increases

7. Pay special attention to the vertical and horizontal direction of the ground plate texture during the laying to avoid the aesthetic impact caused by improper laying

after finishing the installation method, we should also pay attention to how to maintain and care for these floors in daily life. Mori wood plastic flooring ensures that under normal use (regular cleaning and no artificial damage), it will not warp, deform, crack, fade and other phenomena in five to ten years, and its service life can reach decades

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the characteristics of wood plastic flooring and the laying method of wood plastic flooring. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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