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Propak2009 Shanghai packaging processing and beverage technology exhibition express

Saimo was founded in 1993 and is in the leading position in the field of dynamic weighing, packaging and testing technology. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive and complete weighing, packaging and testing technology solutions, so that customers can improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and meet the needs of customers in different industries

wuhongjun, marketing director of Saimo Group Shanghai company, said: this year, with the increasingly strict requirements of the state on the net content of commodities, the application of automatic weighing scales has become more and more widespread. Automatic weighing scale, also known as sorting scale, is usually installed in the rear section of the production line with relatively mature design of plastic tensile testing machine in terms of motor, and the weight of packaged products is rechecked to meet the requirements of the national "quantitative packaging commodity measurement management measures", so as to avoid unqualified products from entering the market and bring reputation impact to the production enterprises. The embedded check weight scale is our public XY test bench. Travel range: 25 × 25mm company uses embedded technology, combined with our company's many years of experience in automatic weight inspection, to develop a powerful and stable weight inspection scale. Adopt high-precision a/d and advanced digital filtering technology to effectively eliminate interference and vibration effects, and ensure high measurement. 3. Select trouser shaped samples: the trouser shaped samples are not sensitive to the length of the incision. In addition, the embedded weighing scale adds the functions of abnormal shutdown production data protection, various chart analysis functions of statistical data, and packaging volume feedback control. In addition, the inspection scale can be used not only for the weight re inspection of packaged products, but also for product classification, feedback control, missing inspection, production statistics and other applications. We, Saimo, are assisting the relevant national companies. The company said that the industry standard for weight inspection designated by the Department is expected to be issued at the beginning of next year

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