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The implementation of the proposal street lights up the hearts of the people

original title: the implementation of the proposal street lights up the hearts of the people

recently, citizens of Yao'an found that the street lights on the section from Huancheng North Road to Wenxing road laoyangqiao in the county were on, and the whole section was bright in the evening

from Huancheng North Road to Wenxing road laoyangqiao, the county people's government carried out hardening and greening transformation a few years ago. Due to the lack of timely and effective connection between investment, construction and operation, the street lamps were not installed, which not only affected the image of the city, but also was not conducive to the safe travel of citizens. In July 2017, Yao'an County People's Hospital moved to the new hospital area of Wenxing road to carry out diagnosis and treatment business. This section is related to the safety of hospital vehicles going out for rescue and rescue at night and the surrounding people's medical treatment

after learning about this situation, Wang Huijuan and other three county CPPCC members implemented standard cost management and conducted in-depth field research. Metal also has its shortcomings. At the third session of the Ninth CPPCC of Yao'an County in the year of Jinan gold testing manufacturer's commitment, a proposal entitled "suggestions on adding street lamps in the section from Huancheng North Road to Wenxing road laoyangqiao" was submitted, The county CPPCC listed this proposal as a key proposal for supervision after the conductive component of thermoplastic materials was added. (correspondent liuhuiju)

in order to implement the proposal as soon as possible, the county government office and the county CPPCC office have increased supervision. The undertaking unit, the county housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, analyzed and formulated the handling work plan, and refined the specific completion time nodes and work measures; The director and deputy director of the County Bureau of housing and urban rural development and the heads of all units worked together to promote the implementation of the work. Through project bidding and implementation, street lights were fully installed in the road sections around the county people's Hospital, effectively solving the lighting problems of hospital rescue, patient treatment and pedestrians at night

Chen Yulin, a resident living in this road section, said: before the installation of street lights, it was very unsafe for residents passing this road section at night to drive, cycle and walk, and traffic accidents often occurred. Now the street lights are on, which effectively eliminated the potential safety hazards of people's travel

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