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The wires on the meter were pulled out before the property fee was paid! Friend: this property is too strong! And try to make up for it with 3D printing

as we all know, the house price in China is very expensive now, and it costs hundreds of millions to buy a slightly better house. It is reasonable to say that the housing price is so high, the corresponding property services, community environment, supporting facilities should be improved, and the property service attitude should be better. However, it backfired. The real situation was just the opposite. Many property companies sold high-priced houses without corresponding high-priced services, and their service attitude was very poor. Now let's take a look at this matter, which makes people angry

at more than 9:00 p.m. on April 17, Xiaofeng from Shaoxing returned home and found that the power was cut off at home. After checking it, Xiaofeng found that the wire on the meter had been unplugged. China's broad market demand for polyurethane insulation materials has attracted great attention from foreign manufacturers

Xiao Feng said that the wire on his meter was not only unplugged, but also the meter box was locked. It was not locked before. Why was it locked today? Xiao Feng saw from the meter box that the wire of his house was unplugged. A few days ago, other householders encountered this problem. It was the property owner who deliberately unplugged it because the property fee was not paid

Xiao Feng said that he contacted the property company, and by 12 p.m., the person from the property company did not appear. During this period, he also called the police, but it was still useless. Xiao Feng had to find the lock repair company, pry the lock and connect the wire. At 9 o'clock the next morning, Xiao Feng went to work, and the property management sent someone to open the meter box of Xiao Feng's house. This time, the property management did not simply unplug the wire, but directly unplugged the whole wire, and then locked it. Xiao Feng opened the lock again and found that there were no parts and wires produced in the production scope

at present, there are only three wires on Xiao Feng's meter, and one wire was directly removed. Many households' electricity meters have also been unplugged by the property, and the problem lies in the property fee. Xiao Feng hasn't signed a contract with the property management company yet. Xiao Feng wants to pay the property management fee after reading the contract first. At first, the property management department took the contract and didn't show it to Xiao Feng, so he directly asked him to sign it instead of giving it to Xiao Feng

many owners reported that the property fee was indeed not paid, but the main reason was that the property owners felt that the services provided by the property were not worthy of the property fee of three yuan and one ping. A nearby owner also said that his house began to leak when it was handed over, and he had repaired it again and again. The most serious thing was that the wall fell off very black. It's very difficult to walk in and out. At this time, 1 must repair the ugly in time. Everything began to leak when it was useless before I handed over the house

find the property, and the person in charge is not in. The owner called manager Wang of the property, and the call was interrupted without saying two words because of the signal. The person who dialed manager Wang again has been on the phone. Then I found Shaoxing real estate management office. Wu section chief of Shaoxing real estate management office said that no matter how the property is wronged, the property company may also have his grievance. The owner has the grievance of the owner. No matter who's wronged, the behavior of pinching and pulling wires is not the ability of the property company, which is illegal or even illegal. Wu section chief of this behavior just told the Yuecheng District Construction Bureau that the power must be restored today and the wires must be pulled up

on the issue of property fees, the local Street Association and the police station held a coordination meeting for the owner and the property

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