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In 2020, the real estate market is coming, and the aftermarket coating may become the biggest beneficiary

in 2020, the aftermarket coating may become the biggest beneficiary

on May 8, 2020

with the domestic epidemic situation under control, and the gold, silver and four coming to an end, consumers' attention to the real estate market has obviously warmed up

we have also seen that since March, there has been a "little sunny spring" with a certain scale in the real estate market. In fact, as early as the end of 2019, the market had also improved at that time, especially the landing of the RRR reduction. However, due to the well-known impact of the epidemic in January, the market was unstable in January 2020, but looking at the market data in April, a new round of growth trend has emerged

on the whole, the recovery of the property market continued in April, and for some cities, it has begun to return to the average level of last year. First of all, the epidemic is basically stable, and the economies of all regions are recovering rapidly. For the real estate market, the average recovery level in April has exceeded 80% of the same period last year, and some regions have begun to exceed the previous level (data of the top 10 growth cities are attached below). For many cities, because the signing data is relatively lagging, it has basically recovered only% of the pre epidemic level. Taking Beijing as an example, 13161 second-hand houses and 3740 new houses were signed in April

house prices in many cities across the country rose:

1. Ningbo: 23715 yuan/Ping, up 20.66% year-on-year

2. Wuxi: 16892 yuan/level, up 17.71% year-on-year

3. Nantong: 16353 yuan/Ping, up 14.17% year on year

4. Taizhou: 15553 yuan/level, up 12.38% year on year

5. Xiamen: 47508 yuan/level, up 12.2% year on year

6. Changzhou: 16011 yuan/level, up 11.09% year-on-year

7. Wenzhou: 21245 yuan/level, up 10.64% year-on-year

8. Quzhou: 14741 yuan/level, up 9.52% year on year

9. Guangzhou: 35640 yuan/level, up 9.39% year on year

10. Suzhou: 22913 yuan/level, up 8.47% year on year

since last year, various regions have successively carried out pilot exploration, and listed the transformation of old residential areas as an important starting point to fill the weakness. All regions of the country have begun to implement the comprehensive transformation plan of old residential areas. Thousands of residential area projects that have been transformed in various provinces and cities have completed bidding and started construction, and a large number of old residential area transformation projects have been included in the key projects of people's livelihood

the coating industry will become the biggest beneficiary

in addition to the active real estate market and promoting real estate transactions, the coating industry and many other related household industries will also usher in linkage improvement. At present, the domestic real estate industry develops 3billion square meters of housing area every year, and the current housing area has reached 50billion square meters. On the other hand, after the epidemic, the transformation of old urban communities will become one of the important means to ensure people's livelihood, stabilize investment and meet domestic needs

according to the survey data previously released by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, there are about 170000 old urban communities to be transformed across the country, involving more than 100 million people. Qiu Baoxing, counselor of the State Council, pointed out in an article that the total investment in old residential areas that need comprehensive transformation in China's cities and towns can be as high as 5trillion yuan. If the transformation period is five years, the annual additional investment can be about 0-1 trillion yuan. The center provides Emerson Electric (Tongling) Co., Ltd. with free inspection and detection from raw materials to end products

the continuous development and price growth of the real estate industry have a direct driving effect on the demand for coatings. Such a huge increment and inventory of new and old houses make home decoration inevitable

in decoration, coating is the rigid demand of consumers, and interior wall coating and other home decoration coatings will undoubtedly increase with the increase of consumer demand for home products. On the other hand, affected by the epidemic in the beginning of the year, the public has a more in-depth thinking about home life and recognizes that health, environmental protection and safety must be ensured in the process of home decoration

under the dual background of the huge household decoration rigid pendulum impact testing machine adopting electronic experiments and the health needs of consumers, at present, the coating industry has derived a green industrial ecological chain, which has strong environmental protection functions and can meet the increasing health home needs of the public. In the future, as consumers have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the concept of health and environmental protection home decoration, and are affected by external climate, consumption habits and other factors, environmental protection coatings will become the mainstream of the development of the coating industry

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