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Promote the enzymatic recycling of pet. Nestle, Pepsi, Suntory, L'Oreal and carbios are in an alliance

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core tip: CA currently consumes more than 260 million tons of plastic worldwide. Rbios has developed a unique environmental protection technology - using highly specific enzymes, More kinds of PET plastic and polyester fiber raw materials can be recycled than other recycling technologies

[China Packaging News] recently, the development of Nestle water business, Pepsi Cola and Suntory beverage and food new materials will significantly accelerate. European companies announced to join the strategic alliance formed by French recycled plastic enzyme process developer carbios and L'Oreal

carbios has developed a unique environmental protection technology - using highly specific enzymes, it can recycle more kinds of PET plastic and polyester fiber raw materials than other recycling technologies

different pet enzymatic recovery

what is unique about this enzyme? According to carbios, 97% of pet waste can be converted into original components in just 16 hours by using the recycling technology of biological enzymes. These raw components are comparable to virgin pet grade particles and can be used in bottles and other forms of packaging applications

this biological method can process various forms of pet, such as transparent, colored, opaque and multilayer pet and polyester fiber, and is expected to achieve 100% pet recycling

this recycling process does not need to pressurize the waste or add solvents, but only needs limited heating treatment, which can improve the impact of PET recycling on the environment

brand alliance to accelerate the implementation of pet enzymatic recycling

as early as a few years ago, carbios and L'Oreal established a strategic cooperation alliance, committed to the industrialization and mass production of the innovative recycling technology developed by carbios, and to the market

now, Nestle water business, Pepsi Cola and Suntory beverage and Food Europe have also joined this strategic alliance, which is expected to accelerate the commercialization of carbios' enhanced PET recycling technology and increase the supply of high-quality recycled plastics

according to the terms of the four-year cooperation agreement signed by this strategic alliance, members of the alliance will promote the implementation of technology and provide efficient consumer grade 100% recycled polyester plastics to the global market

car range of 5 cents/BIOS CEO Jean Claude lumaret said, "we are very happy that nestle water business, Pepsi Cola and Suntory beverage and food European companies have joined the alliance we jointly established with L'Oreal. The joining of these brands will accelerate the industrialization of recycling technology and bring a breakthrough solution for plastic waste treatment."

Philippe thuvien, vice president of L'Oreal packaging and R & D, pointed out: "in addition to mechanical and chemical recycling methods, the recycling technology of carbios is a new progress, which will help to achieve our 2025 goal. At present, 50% of the plastic components of L'Oreal products are recycled or bio based plastics. Through cooperation with strategic partners, we will follow the principle of circular economy and create a more sustainable world."

Massimo Casella, Nestle's director of water resources research and development, added, "this recycling technology can help Nestle improve the application of pet recycled materials in plastic bottles without affecting the quality, and help create a sustainable environment for the next generation."

Simon Loden, President of PepsiCo global food, added: "the strategic alliance provides us with an opportunity to accelerate the development of this promising enzyme cycle technology, which, together with mechanical and chemical cycle technology, can bring us closer to the circular economy of plastics."

Roberto Vanin, chief R & D officer of Suntory beverages and foods Europe, concluded: "Solving the global problem of plastic waste requires large-scale cooperation, innovative thinking and investment in new and breakthrough technologies. We are happy to cooperate with carbios to promote the implementation of technology to deal with plastic waste.

their innovative methods of enzyme cycle are in line with the vision of Suntory beverage and Food Europe. We will actively seek forward-looking solutions to solve today's challenges and ensure sustainable development The future. "

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