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Promote scientific Greening - Longjiang forest industry million seedlings greening and beautifying 100 villages

release date: Source: China Green Times

provides more than 1million greening trees and supports 100 villages to carry out greening and beautification construction. In the spring of 2021, Longjiang forest industry group innovatively launched the "double hundred" action to promote the joint construction of enterprises and land with the support of talents, projects, enterprises, parks and quality standards to enable Rural Revitalization with the rural greening and beautification seen by the common people

from Xiaoxing'an Mountain to Wanda mountain, Laoye Mountain, zhangguangcai mountain... All forestry bureaus and Co., Ltd. affiliated to Longjiang forest industry group fully implemented the "double hundred" action. As of April 29, 64 villages have been supported for greening and beautifying, and 263300 seedlings have been provided for the current demand

"double hundred" action is the strategic deployment of Longjiang forest industry group to help rural revitalization, and it is also the practical action of Longjiang forest workers to support land greening. The Party committee of the group called on Party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members to actively carry out the voluntary labor activity of "I do practical things for the masses and plant and protect the green as the pioneer", so as to achieve "bright signs, bright identities and bright shapes, with an annual output of 66.46 million tons; the annual production capacity of urea is 79.63 million tons, bright services and bright performance", and take practical actions to support the greening of villages, beautify homes and benefit the masses

Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. signed a support and cooperation agreement with Dongning city to provide 70000 greening seedlings to eight villages in Suiyang Town, Dongning City, including Xinmin, Zha mu, Aiguo, and strive to create an integrated development model of "urban and rural bureau"

Linkou forestry bureau Co., Ltd. sent a working group to connect with the local Linkou county and township, determine the greening seedlings to be planted in each village, formulate "time, task, quality" greening planting guarantee measures, and send the company's professional and technical personnel to the site for guidance and operation demonstration

the forest resources cultivation Department of Muling Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. specially arranges technicians to work with the shift, and is equipped with quality inspectors to supervise and guide the seedling raising production, ensure that the seedling raising method is scientific, and the grading, quantitative, baling, planting and other operation specifications, so as to achieve digging, lifting, grading, planting as soon as possible, and try to produce the temperature during deformation, which is usually called the softening point of plastic ts to reduce the exposure time of seedlings, Improve the survival rate and preservation rate of seedlings

Huanan Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. has received the full support of Huanan county Party committee, county government, liumaohe town government and villagers' volunteers. On the day of greening in Donghua village, liumaohe Town, the forest management department of Huanan Bureau dispatched all staff to provide follow-up services from loading seedlings, technical guidance to planting acceptance. In just one day, more than 4700 apricots, plums and dragon and Phoenix fruit trees took root in front of and behind villagers' houses

Yang Guang, a villager of Donghua village, said, "this large tree species will be beautiful in summer. Thank the Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. and the party's good policies for bringing us a better life."

on April 27, Tongbei Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. transferred more than 300 cadres and workers from various grass-roots units to participate in the "double hundred" action. Strength is one of the important physical and mechanical properties of materials to support the greening construction of Xingdong village and Xinmin village in Tongbei town. It has successively provided 20000 shrubs and 10000 trees, and also brought advanced greening concepts and planting technologies, providing strong support for local ecological construction

the forest industry group will take this "double hundred" action as an opportunity to explore cooperation with the local government in more fields, serve the Rural Revitalization Strategy, and fully integrate the advantages of forest industry, such as professional greening, forest food, forest health care, forest tourism, into the overall regional development layout of the territorial Government

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