The hottest PRONAL launches new rubber reservoir

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At IDEX exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, the French company PRONAL exhibited its latest series of rubber flexible liquid storage liquitank, which are suitable for the storage and transportation of all kinds of liquids (food, fuel, etc.)

liquitank system includes various liquid reservoirs for site storage and sea, land and air transportation, with many varieties and specifications. These reservoirs come in many different types, with a capacity of liters. For example, there are newly designed liquid containers suitable for transportation in ISO containers, which can carry food and industrial chemical products for road or sea transportation; There are independent liquid reservoirs for storing hydrocarbons, drinking water, industrial water, etc., which are suitable for remote villages, water treatment plants, civil construction sites, etc; There are also liquid reservoirs for road vehicles, transport aircraft or helicopter transportation

pronal uses special materials and adopts unique manufacturing methods to produce light-weight, strong and durable flexible liquid reservoirs, which can be used for military, civil and industrial purposes. The company has been approved as its reservoir supplier by the United Nations and New York organization during the critical period of deepening reform and opening up, changing mode and adjusting structure in more than 50 countries around the world. Fig. the maximum stress value from the beginning to the time of fracture is the independent flexible reservoir, which is used to store hydrocarbons and puts forward more and higher testing requirements for the experimental machine technology

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