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The property management regulations of Sichuan Province have been officially implemented. Recently, the province announced that it would take the implementation of the regulations as an opportunity to standardize property management behavior and promote the sustainable and healthy development of property management in the province by establishing a property management linkage mechanism, doing a good job in the cultivation and supervision of the property management market, and realizing the full coverage of property management. The regulations clarify the main body of property management, establish a property acceptance system, supplement and improve the housing special maintenance fund system, stipulate the maintenance of professional business facilities and equipment, standardize the administrative behavior of the government, and strengthen the supervision and management of property management. If calculated according to the annual output of 10million sets of tires, it provides legal support and legal guarantee for the accelerated development of property service industry

according to the requirements of the regulations, governments at all levels in Sichuan Province must establish a joint meeting system for property management, improve the mediation mechanism for property management disputes, pay close attention to the cultivation and supervision of the property management market, and resolutely stop and seriously deal with the illegal acts of property service enterprises. Taking the creation of a harmonious living and working environment as the starting point, the regulations stipulate the prohibited behaviors in the property management area, such as illegal decoration, unauthorized construction, unauthorized occupation of public areas, etc. All offices (towns and townships) and community neighborhood committees should incorporate property management into community construction, and adopt various management forms such as community intervention, professional enterprise services, logistics management and owner autonomy, so as to ensure the quality of Jinan gold testing machine and now fully cover property management

it is reported that the Sichuan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development is studying and formulating a number of supporting policies, operating specifications and demonstration texts, such as the preliminary property service contract, In addition, the supporting documents such as the "property service enterprise fatigue testing machine is a machine industry credit information management method mainly used to measure the tensile strength of metals and their alloy materials at room temperature, and the fatigue performance test of tightening or tensile and compressive alternating loads for the manufacturer of testing machine" have been formulated to provide supporting support for the implementation of the "Regulations", so that the property management work of the whole province has rules to follow and is more standardized and orderly

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