Comparison of sterilization and anti pollution eff

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Comparison of sterilization and anti pollution effects of two kinds of packaged medical devices

at present, medical devices in hospitals in China are mostly packaged with cotton cloth for pressure steam sterilization. Its packaging and disassembly are time-consuming, and the washing of packaging cloth is cumbersome. In order to simplify the packaging of medical devices, we have improved the medical aluminum automatic opening and closing disinfection box (22.0cmx developed by the outpatient department of Beijing Air Force hospital). Remove the original aluminum plate frame containing needles, increase the width of the perforated aluminum baffle (18.5cmx3.5cm) on both sides of the box from 3.5cm to 5.0cm, and fix it again. Thus, the capacity in the box is increased, which is conducive to the taking and placing of instruments, and the original opening and closing function is maintained, which is conducive to steam penetration. The sterilization effect and anti pollution effect of its containing instruments were tested, and compared with those of double-layer cotton packers. The results are reported as follows. Put the medical devices in the improved aluminum disinfection box or pack them with double-layer cotton cloth, label them respectively and number them. After sterilization with pulse vacuum pressure steam sterilizer (Shandong Xinhua medical actively promotes the exchange of ceramic aluminum new materials in the fields of automobile lightweight, aerospace and military industry, and produced by cooperative medical instrument factories), samples with odd numbers are taken according to the principle of randomization to test the sterilization effect. During the test, take out the medical needle and thread, put it into LML broth, and after culture, the broth is not turbid as qualified for sterilization. Even numbered samples are stored in the same environment. Samples were taken on the 3rd, 7th, 14th and 21st days after storage, and the broth was put into the broth for sterility test. Ten medical staff were randomly selected and the time taken to open the two packages was measured. After testing, the two kinds of packaged medical devices have reached sterilization. Bacterial contamination was detected in one of the double-layer cotton packaging on the 21st day, and the one in the disinfection box was still sterile (Table 1). After measurement, the average time to open the disinfection box is 2.1S, and the time to open the double-layer cotton cloth package is 15.8s. Table 12 comparison of sterile storage period of packaged medical devices after sterilization - sterility test results for different storage times (d). Improved automatic opening and closing disinfection box double-layer cotton cloth note: the denominator is the number of test samples, and the numerator is the number of long bacteria samples. Table 2 the opening time of two kinds of medical device packages by 10 medical staff the average time of opening the package by staff (s) disinfection box double cotton bag note: the result is the average value of two operations. The products without medium and thick steel plates of sterilization instruments have a wide range of bacteria storage time, which shortens the time required to open the package. The results show that the time required to use the improved aluminum automatic opening disinfection device. Pyrogen removal effect of chlorine containing compound disinfectant soaking syringe at different times fan Jinlan song Wenying (Jining second people's Hospital, Jining 272149, Shandong Province, Jining 272149. Liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine: rubber or elastomer elongation comparison. Pyrogen removal effect of large chlorine compound disinfectant (Jieli brand high-efficiency brush free three effect pyrogen inactivator, containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate 13.7% and decontamination component) soaking glass syringe at different times, Experimental observation was carried out. During the test, Dissolve 1g of the agent in 100ml tap water to prepare a 1% solution (effective chlorine>800). After use, the syringe is rinsed with tap water, soaked in the solution for a predetermined time, then rinsed with tap water, rinsed with fresh distilled water for 4 times, dried and wrapped with double-layer cotton cloth, sterilized with 121 ~ 125 ° C pressure steam for 2530min. Take samples, and detect pyrogen by limulus amebocyte lysate test. The pyrogen can be removed by soaking the disinfectant in the glass syringe for>3h (attached is the table of improving the market competitiveness of enterprises). Attached table: pyrogen removal effect of 800mg/l effective chlorine compound defoaming diffuse syringe at different times soaking time (H) number of pyrogen positive samples (copies) positive rate note: 3 samples are sampled at each soaking time, and 20 times are 60 samples

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