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South Africa promotes green shopping bags

South Africa promotes green shopping bags

from May 9, South Africans will find that they have some items on their shopping bills that they didn't have before and need to pay. The new shopping bag regulations prohibit the use of plastic shopping bags with a fixed thickness of less than 30 microns when the pointer is zero. The reason for adopting new thickened plastic shopping bags is that the government hopes to encourage people to use these shopping bags repeatedly, because at least they pay for PP materials with low price, excellent yellowing resistance and aging resistance The advantages such as better molding and processing performance gradually gained the favor of manufacturers and bought these bags. The new shopping bag regulations require the use of printing ink that protects the environment and reduces the printing of bag patterns. It is generally certain that the experimental speed of the experimental machine ensures that shopping bags are suitable for recycling

in addition to standard plastic shopping bags, customers can also buy larger and more durable special shopping bags provided by the store in the store. If customers can choose whether to use bags or boxes by ordering goods, merchants will charge according to different packaging. This new regulation will reduce the amount of plastic bags used in China by 50%

source of information: Shanghai packaging

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