The hottest property market in Ordos is broken, an

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Ordos property market fragmentation: about 75% of the projects under construction are shut down

Ordos property market fragmentation: about 75% of the projects under construction are shut down

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Guide: 48% of the land in Ordos is desert Gobi, but here is the eye of investors. Debugging personnel should introduce to customers in detail the quot in the general experimental method of impact testing machine; Beyond the Great Wall;. With abundant black gold -- coal, many people regard Ordos as a quote; Dubai on the desert;. But Erdos people don't seem to be satisfied with this. Their dream is to build Erdos

48% of the land in Ordos is desert Gobi, but this is the "paradise beyond the Great Wall" in the eyes of investors. With abundant black gold -- coal, many people regard Ordos as "Dubai on the desert". But Erdos people don't seem to be satisfied with this. Their dream is to build Erdos into a dream city beyond Dubai and Las Vegas. However, the dream began to fall apart in 2012, and the once boiling property market suffered a Blizzard like attack

the glorious past of Ordos property market can be traced back to 2010. After the local people became rich in the coal mine business, real estate undoubtedly became the most popular investment. Most commercial houses in the core urban area of Ordos sell for more than 7000 yuan per square meter, and the prices of some high-end residential projects have exceeded 20000 yuan per square meter. Almost every new property entering the market was quickly snapped up. As soon as the coal bosses made a move, it was the whole building. Known as the "ghost city", Kangbashi's high vacancy rate has made people appreciate the city's obsession with real estate. However, all came to an abrupt end this year. In August, the average house price in Ordos was about 6000 yuan/square meter, while some buildings sold for more than 20000 yuan at the peak. Nowadays, it is not easy to find an intermediary here

intermediary: there is no more here, and we have stopped doing it

contacted five intermediaries before and after, and they all said they had quit. After some searching, I finally got in touch with an intermediary salesperson. He admitted that the house price this year is different from that of last year

intermediary: now it is much cheaper than the previous year when the popularity will also be further expanded. There are 51 square meters of one-time payment for blank houses, and almost 61 square meters of loans. Now Dongsheng's house price is generally not as high as that of the previous two years. Last year, it was more than 7000, and now it is not so expensive

the blizzard in the property market not only hit the house price, but also frozen the progress of real estate development in Ordos. About 75% of the projects under construction here this year are in the state of shutdown or semi shutdown. Ordos property market has long been broken. Ma Guangyuan (Weibo), a financial commentator, commented that when the ten-year golden period of coal ended, the Ordos property market, which made a fortune from coal, also came to an end

Ma Guangyuan: the real estate in Ordos is based on the fact that there is no investment window for wealth after it is developed by relying on coal resources. Almost every household owns more than ten houses, so a large number of houses are speculative. When the whole coal mine trend goes down, this leverage effect will make the funds accumulated in real estate overstock, so the price collapse is inevitable

compared with most media, Zhang Dawei, director of the tertiary Market Research Department of Centaline real estate, appears more calm. In his view, the collapse of Ordos property market is not unexpected, but it is far from the extent of collapse

in the eyes of the vast majority of people in the real estate industry, Ordos is too special. The case of this emerging resource city is not likely to be reproduced in the whole of China. Zhang Dawei is one of them

Zhang Dawei: unlike other cities, it has had too much investment before, so it has been particularly affected in this round of regulation. In other cities, no matter the first and second tier cities or the third and fourth tier cities, most of the real estate markets cannot have such drastic changes as Erdos

does the absence of drastic changes mean that the property market will return to the rising channel smoothly. The annual "golden nine and silver ten" is coming again. Many people hope that this will be a genuine golden season, but it does not seem optimistic. In the first five days of September, the number of new residential units signed in 54 major cities across the country decreased by 6.5% from August, and this trading volume was also significantly lower than that in the same period in July. Among them, the turnover in first tier cities fell by 14% year-on-year, and the decline in Beijing and Shanghai was more than 20%

Zhang Dawei: there are several main reasons. First, it is related to the supply. In the first week, the market supply did not increase significantly, resulting in a lack of housing supply in some cities. In addition, it was expected that the reserve requirement or interest rate would be reduced in August, but it has not appeared recently, so buyers have some wait-and-see to the market. In addition, the prices of almost all metal materials sold in most projects and major hot projects have increased compared with the previous ones, so some property buyers have also appeared to wait and see

Ma Guangyuan believes that "golden nine and silver ten" has always been a marketing gimmick made by developers, so there is no need to be so serious. As for whether the property market will hit the bottom and rebound this year, he, like many experts, believes that the trend and implementation of policies determine the need to define the direction of 'where to prioritize performance in order to minimize complexity'

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