Comparison of recycling methods of sand shot in th

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Comparison of sand shot recycling methods in sand blasting room

indoor recycling system design of sand blasting room equipment

small and medium-sized sand blasting room equipment is composed of sand blasting room body, sand shot recycling system (including dust shot separator), sand blasting machine, waste gas treatment system, lighting system, electrical control system. The design of the rest parts is similar except for the sand shot circulating separation system. This paper mainly compares the types of sand shot circulating recovery system. SAMPE Shanghai Branch

sand shot recycling system is a closed circulating system in which the sand shot sprayed by the sand blasting gun is recycled back to the sand blasting cylinder. The dust shot is collected by the dust shot in the sand blasting room, and then the dust shot is lifted to the dust shot separation device for dust shot separation. The separated useful shot automatically falls into the shot storage box, and the sand shot in the shot storage box automatically enters the sand cylinder according to the instructions, and then the sand shot is supplied to the sand blasting gun to continue blasting, This cycle is the sand shot recycling system

in front of the sand shot recycling system, there are two popular ways in the market: mechanical recycling and pneumatic recycling. Press the "start" button to start the electromechanical

the so-called pneumatic recovery refers to the design of several small conical buckets on the floor of the sand blasting room. A small opening is opened at the bottom of the conical bucket, which leads to the outdoor cyclone separator through the air duct. A high-pressure induced draft fan is used to extract the dust pellets falling in the conical bucket at the bottom of the room. After the separation of the cyclone separator, the useful sand pellets fall into the shot storage box in the middle of the separator, and then enter the sand tank to realize circulation


1) in practice, it is known that the sand blasting pellets with this design are light substances such as glass beads, which are not suitable for steel shots

2) energy consumption is very high, because high-power fans are needed to extract air

mechanical recycling refers to the recycling of sand balls by mechanical transmission. The whole system is divided into indoor and outdoor parts. The indoor recycled oil is of the following types:

1) trench recycling bucket + conveyor belt type: at the bottom of the sandblasting room, two or three (if the width is large, there may be more) trenches are designed to let the falling sand balls automatically fall onto the vertical conveyor belt underground, After being sent to bucket elevator + dust shot separator + shot storage box + sand cylinder through transverse conveyor belt, the circulation is completed

2 the notch should be processed by impact specimen notch broaching machine) trench recycling + screw conveyor type: at the bottom of the sandblasting room, two or three (if the width is large, there may be more) trenches are designed, so that the falling sand balls will automatically fall onto the screw conveyor under the tunnel, and will be sent to the bucket elevator + dust ball separator + shot storage box + sand cylinder through the transverse screw conveyor to complete the cycle

3) then the market of all industries is also developing with this trend: the scraper type reclaimer driven by air cylinder, with the foundation depth of 250mm, uses PLC design to control the driving speed, pushes the sand falling on the shift to a centralized area, and then uses the scraper to send it to the bucket elevator outside the sand blasting room + dust shot separator + shot storage box + sand cylinder to complete the cycle. The key of this equipment lies in the scraper technology, which can save a deep trench, save costs and simple maintenance


1 Both the first and second recycling require a deep trench

2. The depth of the trench for scraper recycling is 250mm. (end)

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