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On March 17, 2009, Weisheng electronics, the world's leading innovative energy-saving x86 processor platform solution leader, held the "Weisheng GMB Technology Forum Spring Festival" in Shenzhen, And for the fast-growing mini notebook market, it released the via upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design - a subminiature motherboard with via c7-mulv processor and the latest vx855igp chipset, with advanced multimedia and connection chips, and its compact board can be easily planted. 5. Manual hydraulic universal material testing machine is put into various ultra mobile devices

Weisheng held the "Weisheng GMB Technology Forum - Spring Tour", and gathered with many PC manufacturers and industry partners committed to the global low-cost, energy-efficient mini notebook market. Weisheng upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design not only reduces the development time and cost for system manufacturers, but also brings advanced ultra mobile technology for smooth playback of 1080p HD video and extraordinary 8-channel HD audio

although consumers have quickly recognized the compact shape and convenience of mini notebooks at any time and anywhere, they also put forward higher and higher demand for ultra mobile products in playing HD video

Weisheng upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design well meets the needs of ultra mobile users in this regard. It not only supports 1080p HD video smooth playback, but also supports up to 1366 × The internal display resolution of 768 pixels, the external display resolution of 1920x1440 pixels, and the latest high-definition via vinyl audio. In addition, its flexible connection options greatly enrich the mobile multimedia experience

"Weisheng upper board -" Changyou C855 "reference design makes a good start for mini notebook system developers and manufacturers eager to enter the market, which is the biggest advantage of Weisheng upper board -" Changyou C855 "reference design, ”Richardbrown, vice president of marketing of via electronics, said, "via not only provides customers with a complete and ready-made solution through its unique position, but also the advanced HD function means that the mini notebook computer based on via solutions will provide consumers with a more excellent multimedia entertainment experience."

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about Weisheng upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design

Weisheng upper board - "Changyou C855" reference template is specially designed for inch Mini Notebook equipment. It is a kind of auxiliary motor indirect speed change device, powerful, high-performance and low-power Weisheng upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design, equipped with Weisheng c7-mulv processor supporting 800MHz front-end bus, And Viagra vx855 chipset, which widely supports the popular digital media technology and i/o of mini notebook computers nowadays

with advanced drawing performance, the Weisheng upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design adopts a high-performance Weisheng chrome9hcmigp display core, which can provide complete hardware acceleration, support a variety of mainstream image specifications, such as H.264, mpeg-2/4, vc-1 and wmv9, and greatly reduce the workload and power consumption of the processor. It only takes less than 40% of CPU resources to realize high bit rate HD video playback

vison upper board - "Changyou C855" reference design supports the latest high-definition audio through vison vinyl8 Channel HD audio decoding. At the same time, it also provides super flexible access methods, including Bluetooth, Wi Fi, GPS and 3G networks

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about Weisheng GMB alliance

in October 2008, Weisheng GMB alliance was established in Shenzhen. Based on the innovative concept of mobile computing devices that Weisheng has been promoting, Weisheng GMB Alliance shares its cutting-edge technology and experience in low-power x86 processor platform with industry partners

Chinese manufacturers and partners in all links of the industrial chain, including AMI, group innovation, ite technology, PQI, SanDisk and tdhi tech, have joined the Weisheng GMB alliance

"bringing innovative mobile computing devices and promoting the rise of mini notebooks in the world and China" is the core goal of GMB alliance to become an automobile lightweight, which is to ensure that the performance and quality of automobiles are not affected or even improved. The mini notebook market is the fastest growing market in the world, which has greatly stimulated people's great enthusiasm for mobile computing

you can learn more about the GMB alliance at the Weisheng GMB alliance station:

about Weisheng electronics

Weisheng Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of wafer free low-power x86 processor platform, and also a leader in personal computers, clients, ultra mobile devices and embedded markets. Due to lack of experience, we didn't consult relevant data guides. By effectively integrating low-power processors with digital media chipsets, advanced IO buses, multimedia chips and network controllers, via has a comprehensive computer computing and communication platform and the widely acclaimed EPIA series motherboards. Weisheng's customer base covers all major OEM manufacturers and system integration operators in the world. At present, the company is headquartered in Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan, and has set up branches in the global high-tech center, the United States, Europe and Asia. For details, please visit:

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