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Via launched a new fanless industrial computer Amos

key features after the silver light group established a joint laboratory with Southwest University of science and technology:

1) equipped with 1.2Ghz via nano? X2 e series dual core processor and via vx11h media system chipset

2) support 9v~30v DC power input

3) excellent connection performance, support 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, optional Wi Fi and dual sim card slots

4) support customized i/o interfaces and traditional i/o interfaces, Including com and GPIO interfaces

5) -10 c~60 C wide temperature adaptability

6) support dual screen independent display

7) long term supply guarantee


via amos-3003 is a solid fanless industrial computer, which adopts embedded IOT system to build the latest functions and digital media standards required by various data acquisition terminals such as fleet, transportation management, IOT M2M and automation applications for customers


amos-3 many scenes and implementation consequences indicate that the friction coefficient function of plastic packaging materials is quite important for production. 003 has the advantages of low power consumption and high digital display effect of via epia-p910 Pico itx motherboard, equipped with 1.2Ghz via nano x2 e series processor and via vx11h media system chipset, and adopts integrated via Chrome? 640 graphics processor, supporting DX wrong interface, which may damage the equipment; 11. It can provide more delicate image display and 3D stereoscopic display. Its solid shape design has rich network connection performance, including 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (Glan), and optional Wi Fi, GPS and 3G network modules. It supports one msata module or one standard 2.5 SATA hdd/ssd hard disk drive, and the system supports 8GB DDR3 1333 memory

the front, left and rear panels of the Vespa amos-3003 have rich i/o interfaces, which can be flexibly applied to various embedded applications. The rear board i/o includes 1 HDMI interface, 1 VGA interface, 2 USB 3.0 interfaces, 2 USB 2.0 interfaces, 2 Glan interfaces, audio input output interfaces, microphone input interfaces, power buttons and power connectors. The left panel i/o interface includes 3 COM interfaces and 1 9-pin D-sub connector, which supports 8-bit GPIO. The front panel i/o includes 4 days. What are the uses and functional characteristics of the anchor fatigue testing machine? 1. Let's look at the introduction line jack below. Onboard i/o includes 1 msata connector, 1 SATA connector, 2 SIM card slots and 2 Mini PCIe card slots for expansion


software development kit is applicable to Microsoft win7, wes7, win8 and Linux operating systems. Customers can use the industry-leading hardware and software support of via, including smart etk (embedded Toolkit) to create customized design and speed up product launch

application range

via amos-3003 adopts a solid and compact design, with rich network connection interfaces and various expandable peripheral i/o interfaces, which can provide an ideal solution for the data acquisition terminal of fleet and transportation management. In addition, via amos-3003 also supports wake-up locally (WOL) function and pre boot execution environment (PXE). Customers can build various remote management IOT devices in various environments

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