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Via upgraded home data storage server

via embedded 8-drive nsd7800 server supports windows homeserver, providing a safe, easy to manage storage system with low quality and performance for home or home office personnel

on January 9, 2009, in Taipei, Weisheng electronics, the world's leading low-power and energy-saving x86 processor platform solution manufacturer, announced the launch of Weisheng nsd7800 home server. This server is only a small part of the controversial large server, which can support eight full-size hard disk drives, providing an ideal solution for system integrators to meet SOHO and home storage needs

the size of the via nsd7800 is only 34cmx34cmx15cm, and it uses an energy-efficient 1.5GHz via c7-d processor. Through its eight open 3.5 "hard disk racks, it provides a lot of storage space. Weisheng nsd7800 server is fully compatible with Microsoft windowshomeserver. Users can safely store their personal data. The automatic data mirroring function eliminates users' concerns, and it is also convenient to read the required files when going out

modern families often have more than one personal computer, but for them, they lack a simple and easy-to-use safe data backup method. Via nsd7800 has good compatibility with windowshomeserver, providing users with an excellent choice. This kind of infrastructure storage facilities with reasonable configuration, easy management, small size and low power consumption will also satisfy many small businesses and home office users

the via nsd7800, which has excellent performance in specification, performance and energy consumption, can provide the best network transmission speed by using Gigabit cards. A CF card slot provides a reliable operating system for the nsd7800. Eight LED indicators show the working status of eight hard disk bits respectively, and the overall network and power conditions are also equipped with corresponding LED indicators

"we believe that the Weisheng nsd7800 server will accurately meet the needs of current consumers. When used in combination with Microsoft windowshomeserver, it can provide consumers with a simple and convenient way. 3. Regular inspection of components: all pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators, pressure relays, travel switches, thermal relays and other signal devices, safe and effective way to manage increasingly large personal data." Danielwu, vice president of via electronics, who is in charge of the embedded platform business of via, said: "the home server market will continue to grow, and via is confident to continue to lead in this field."

"via's new home server is a model product, and you may also hear the sound of sample destruction). It fully embodies the characteristics of the integrated solution for windowshomeserver home access, management and maintenance of its digital content," said charliekindel, general manager of Microsoft WindowsServer solutions, "We are very happy to cooperate with the industry leader via electronics. As the OEM of windowshomeserver, this new product provides consumers with a variety of practical functions."

via nsd7800

the nsd7800 uses a 1.5GHz via c7-d processor and supports up to 1GB of DDR2 system memory. There are eight 3.5 "drive brackets on the front panel, which can be used to install up to eight s-ataii hard disk drives, and can be quickly installed on the bracket system composed of the same backplane to prevent messy wiring

via nsd7800 supports type-1 CF card slot for the installation of embedded operating system, and uses gigabit network transmission based on PCI express to ensure convenient and fast file transmission. At the same time, the LED activity indicator array shows that the user is in the process of updating. LED status display includes activity of each s-ata port, overall hard disk activity, network activity and power status. In addition, customer-defined LED control options and data backup and recovery buttons are also designed. At the same time, the optional Mini PCI port is used for users to configure additional security related additional cards, such as hardware VPN or anti-virus module

via nsd7800 supports Microsoft windowsserver2003/2007, windowshomeserver, Linux and other operating systems. The system monitoring and management system includes: network wake-up, regular startup, watchdog timer, etc

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about via electronics

via electronics (China) Co., Ltd. is a pioneer of wafer free low-power x86 processor platform, and also a leading manufacturer in personal computers, clients, ultra mobile devices and embedded markets. By integrating low-power processors, multimedia chipsets, and advanced connectivity, media, and networking chips, the main product lines of via electronics include computing and communication platforms, as well as highly acclaimed ultra compact motherboards. At present, the company is headquartered in Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan, and has branches in the United States, Europe and Asia. Its customer base covers major OEM manufacturers and system friction testing integrators all over the world. For details, please visit:

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