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Vicino appeared at the world interconnection conference to lay out the "new ecosystem of interconnection" with flexible technology. Recently, the fourth world interconnection conference kicked off in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. Vicino, the representative of the leading enterprise in the global OLED display industry, as the "partner" of the conference due to the stable and reliable performance of mechanical protective devices on all experimental machines, brings flexible display technology and products into the interconnection "Wuzhen time", hoping to pass this platform, Demonstrate the innovation and driving effect of flexible AMOLED display technology on Internet related industries. In the "light of the Internet" theme exhibition, vicino showed many terminal products using its cutting-edge flexible display technology, and officially released "the world's first full module product of flexible screen with arbitrary folding", which fully showed to the industry, In "everything shows, everything is interconnected" "In the era, flexible AMOLED display technology will become a new engine for the innovation and development of Internet related industries through innovative technology core and industrial collaborative development strength.

vicino released the world's first flexible screen full module product with arbitrary folding.

as one of the earliest enterprises in China to enter the OLED field, vicino has made many achievements in flexible display, and is not only China's leading international standard setter of OLED flexible display, Always keep pace with the world in terms of flexible technology and product development level, and realize the mass production of flexible products. At the "stage" of the fourth world interconnection conference, vicino exhibited for the first time its newly developed and successfully developed "the world's first full module of arbitrarily folded flexible screen". Its inner bending radius is 3mm, the outer bending radius is 5mm, and the bending times are more than 100000. Its technology is at the world's leading level, which is of milestone significance for the application and innovation of terminal industry. Vicino also showed flexible e-books equipped with its flexible AMOLED screen, flexible full screen intelligence, flexible display smart speakers, flexible display smart jewelry boxes, flexible display VR head worn terminal products, etc. these innovative technologies, products and applications closely related to Internet applications will not only inspire Internet related industries, but also open a new pattern of collaborative innovation and development of the whole industry, In the future, flexible display will be everywhere

flexible AMOLED display technology has become the "backbone" of the reform of the Internet industry.

Dr. Zhang Deqiang of vicino said that compared with traditional LCD, flexible AMOLED has the characteristics of self illumination, ultra-thin, lifelike color, wide temperature, and free deformation, and is gradually becoming an Internet 1. The main detection indicators of corrugated base paper and carton board are "new favorites" of IOT related terminal industries "

due to the development of flexible display technology, consumer demand continues to rise. Flexible AMOLED has begun to play an innovative role in promoting the Internet Ecosystem, especially mobile communication terminals, artificial intelligence, ar/vr, smart home and other products under the tide of Internet, which have higher requirements for human-computer interaction, and flexible AMOLED technology can make these terminal products conform to ergonomic design principles and human-computer exchange more convenient It has a better performance in terms of liveliness, fast response speed and changeable forms, which makes the terminal products more humanized, and shortens the distance between "people and things", "people and people" and "people and society" in the Internet era, so that science and technology can better serve human social life

with the advent of the 5g Internet era, flexible display technology will play an indispensable role. From the current, computers, TVs, smart watches, vr/ar, smart homes and measuring their size and other data, cars, artificial intelligence, smart buildings, driverless, etc., to the future, it will continue to expand abroad, including education, clothing, sports, smart cities, etc, In the future, "interconnection + flexible display" will usher in a new era of interconnection.

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