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An intelligent "cultivation" of a new generation of high-speed railway stations - Schneider Electric helped Shangqiu east station achieve transparency and digital operation and maintenance

China industrial control and industrial control information a new generation of intelligent "cultivation" of high-speed railway stations - Schneider Electric helped Shangqiu east station achieve transparency and digital operation and maintenance

Shangqiu, China, on January 8, 2020, at the third world railway cooperation and development forum this year, Railway officials said publicly for the first time that up to now, China's total railway mileage has reached more than 135000 kilometers, ranking second in the world. Behind this exciting news, in addition to the continuous development of railway transportation technology, it also benefits from the round the clock service and continuously upgraded operation level of railway stations. Recently, Schneider Electric announced to provide customized intelligent power distribution solutions for Henan Shangqiu east railway station (hereinafter referred to as Shangqiu East Railway Station), ensuring the safe, stable and uninterrupted operation of Shangqiu east railway station, and helping it achieve transparent operation and maintenance by comprehensively monitoring the operating parameters of key equipment and advanced data analysis

as the starting point of Shangqiu Hangzhou high-speed railway, the second channel in East China, Shangqiu station was built in the second year of the Republic of China (1913). It is a first-class station under the jurisdiction of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., the intersection of Longhai Railway and Beijing Kowloon Railway, and one of China's important railway transportation hubs. With the advent of the era of high-speed rail, we will focus on "how will users who actually contact materials feel" to open up new uses. "Since 2015, Shangqiu high-speed rail station has been planned and built. In September 2018, Shangqiu east station was officially put into construction

as we all know, the operation of railway stations depends heavily on electricity, and the power supply and distribution system is the key to power stability. Therefore, how to ensure the safety and reliability of complex power supply and distribution system and ensure the continuity of power supply; How to ensure efficient operation and maintenance, overhaul and rapid fault determination of users in the case of numerous, complex and decentralized power supply equipment; It is a common challenge for railway station operators to carry out intelligent management, improve efficiency, reduce losses and optimize operating costs. This is no exception for Shangqiu east railway station

after understanding the above challenges, Schneider Electric, with its rich experience in digital practice and railway industry, has succeeded. You should pay attention to reaching cooperation with Shangqiu east railway station. Relying on the general trend of railway intelligent transformation, it provides it with a safe, reliable, efficient and customized intelligent power distribution solution, including masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker and poi plus station control experts, without affecting the original RTU system, Bring more convenient overhaul and maintenance to customers

the application of POI plus station control experts in the scheme not only solves the challenges faced by Shangqiu east station to a certain extent, but also realizes the successful exploration of intelligent application. As a monitoring and analysis tool close to the site, POI PLU, especially in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, has a rapid development of air transportation. S station control experts are deployed on the site of the power distribution room to provide multi touch operation, comprehensively monitor the power distribution room, help operators master the key equipment operation parameters in real time, provide aging analysis and efficiency analysis, and automatically generate the operation reports and statements of the power distribution room on a regular basis, Summarize and present the system data in the operation and maintenance work, ensure the complete electrical asset management, and improve the active operation and maintenance ability and maintenance and overhaul level of the distribution station at the site level

Shangqiu east station power distribution solution

sets the pointer to the maximum reading and calibrates. Finally, this solution helps Shangqiu east station realize transparent and digital operation and maintenance, improves the overall reliability of power supply and distribution, calmly obtains the wear and operation status of key equipment, fully controls the power purchase and power consumption, and realizes active and preventive operation and maintenance through rapid and accurate obstacle removal and isolation. In addition, the project realizes a simple supply process with standardization, which brings convenient after-sales experience to customers

the customer representative of Shangqiu east railway station also said that simplifying the operation mode of complex equipment and systems and implementing comprehensive monitoring and asset management are the ultimate goal of realizing intelligent deployment in the railway industry. In the cooperation with Schneider Electric, we fully feel the specialty and accumulation of this intelligent power distribution expert, and it is precisely because of this specialty that the construction of Shangqiu east station has brought a more safe, reliable and convenient experience. In the future, we will continue to work hand in hand on the road of intelligent railway development to jointly bring more passengers a comfortable experience

Zhao Tianyi, head of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business, industry market and market application, said: in the railway industry, Schneider Electric's achievements are obvious to all. The successful cooperation with Shangqiu east railway station also makes us more confident. Based on the accumulated practical experience, we will continue to cultivate the industry, tap the deeper needs of customers, and rely on the new ecostruxure architecture and platform, with a wide range of reliable software and hardware products and service networks, continue to improve the overall solution and full life cycle service system, so that customers can see and want to understand from the equipment level, system level and decision-making level Do it in place to help customers seize the new opportunities of digital transformation

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