Intelligent design of sealing mechanism of the hot

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Intelligent design of sealing mechanism of vertical bag making and filling machine

Abstract: This paper improves the sealing mechanism of bag filling and packaging machine, which has signed a high-performance flame retardant and antistatic polyoxymethylene technology research and development contract between Nanjing University of Vertical River making and Henan energy and chemical group company. It adopts the microcomputer control of 8031 single chip microcomputer, and introduces the measurement method of system displacement, hardware structure and program design. This design has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and fast packaging speed, and has important practical value

key words: vertical bag making, filling and packaging machine bag former single chip microcomputer automatic control

I. Introduction

bag making, filling and packaging machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. According to the different directions of bag making and filling materials, it is generally divided into vertical and horizontal forms. Among them, the vertical bag making and filling packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of loose bodies, colloids or liquids. Horizontal is suitable for solid or granular materials of various shapes, such as snacks, bread, spices, etc

at present, China's vertical bag forming machines have complex structures, many adjustment mechanisms, and low packaging accuracy, which is generally between ± 2% and 3%, and some are still more than ± 3%, while 95% of the modified plastics of similar foreign products are used in the automotive field, with a stability and reliability of ± 1%. The packaging speed is low, the power consumption of mechanical and general servo control molding machines is large, and the sealing is not solid, especially the trademark printed with color patterns can not be accurately in place, because the actual movement speed of the packaging paper is wrong with the expected, and the accumulation will change the position of the trademark, which urgently needs to be improved

in this paper, the intelligent design of the sealing mechanism of the vertical bag making machine is carried out. At the same time, the LEC photoelectric encoder is used for displacement measurement, and the powerful single-chip computer is used for data processing and control, which can ensure that the opening and closing of the horizontal sealer is exactly consistent with the sealing of the packaging bag. The packaging speed is improved, and the sealing is firm. At the same time, the positioning and cutting of the trademark with color patterns can be accurate, and the graphics are complete. Computer control and animation display can accurately measure the packaging situation under different parameters and display the running state of the equipment in real time

second, the innovative design of the sealing mechanism

its principle is briefly introduced as follows:

the powder (colloid or liquid) is sent by the feeder to the hopper above the packaging machine in real time, the introduction speed is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device, and the rolled sealing paper (or other packaging materials) is introduced into the lapel former driven by the guide roller, which is bent and then lapped into a cylindrical shape by the longitudinal sealer, and the materials are automatically measured and filled into the made bag, The horizontal sealer pulls the bag barrel down intermittently while cutting the heat seal, and finally forms a flat bag with three sides of lap longitudinal seam to complete the sealing of a bag

this sealing mechanism can automatically complete the packaging bag forming, metering, printing date, filling, sealing, cutting, output and other processes on the same equipment and in the same vertical direction. The packaging materials used are mainly various composite films with heat sealable plastic single films (such as paper plastic composite, plastic plastic composite, aluminum plastic composite, etc.)

the system adopts lec-200bm-g05d small photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement, and 8031 single chip microcomputer for motion control, which can ensure the reliable and smooth longitudinal and transverse sealing, and the motion speed of packaging paper can be effectively controlled, especially to ensure that the trademark with color pattern is printed, and the positioning and cutting are accurate

the three internal bonding strength can pay attention to the first wood plastic technology trends and first-rate achievements at home and abroad at any time, and the measurement of the displacement of the positioning color code

the photoelectric sensor is used to track the equidistant color code on the volume for automatic control. In this way, it is required that the pattern of the printed tape must meet certain conditions: make the color difference between the mark and the bottom obvious, or make the mark part have enough transparency, or even use punching to replace it, so as to be equipped with appropriate reflective or direct photoelectric sensors; According to the size of the package, the speed of the tape feeding and the different detection methods, the positioning color code should have appropriate shape, area and enough accurate spacing

IV. hardware design of the control system

the control system takes 8031 single chip as the core, and is composed of 27256 program memory and 62256 data storage, signal input, keyboard, LED display, hardware watchdog, interlock protection, solenoid directional valve drive and other circuits

in the process of sealing, the pulse signal output by the encoder is sent to the main board through the transmission line. After a certain time, 8031 takes the measured value from the thx and (x is 0 or 1) registers and displays it through the LED digital tube; On the other hand, compare the measured positioning color code with its standard value. If its absolute value exceeds 2mm (this value can be set through the keyboard), it will be automatically adjusted until its displacement difference is within the set value range

v. software design

the system is written in MCS-51 assembly language and adopts modular structure design, mainly including display, key reading, fault analysis, alarm, signal, measured value acquisition, data conversion, synchronous adjustment, execution and other functional modules

VI. conclusion

the innovative transformation design of this vertical bag making, filling and sealing mechanism, the production of its Lapel bag former, which is designed and processed by computer, can accurately ensure the size and accuracy of each point of the former. The man-machine interface is used to show the simplest control characteristics, so that the setting and display of a series of data such as bag making length, bag making speed, alarm bag number, working mode, etc. can be input and displayed through the touch screen, with high positioning accuracy, the measured value of positioning color code is subtracted from the standard value, and its absolute value can be guaranteed to be less than 2mm, and the machine can automatically adjust the execution module, which can improve its sealing speed. Through the improvement of the vertical bag making finished product packaging machine of Hubei Jingzhou food packaging factory, the sealing speed is increased from the original 150 bags/minute to 3000 bags/minute, its positioning accuracy is less than 2mm, and the bags made have flat, crisp appearance, beautiful shape and high edge sealing heat sealing strength

using LEC small photoelectric encoder for displacement measurement and 8031 single chip microcomputer for motion control can be carried out smoothly. The opening and closing of the transverse sealer is exactly the same as the sealing of the packaging bag, especially to ensure that the trademark printed with color patterns can be positioned accurately and the graphics are complete. (end)

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