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Abstract: This paper analyzes the construction goal of realizing intellectualization in residential areas, and puts forward how to establish the information platform and control management platform of residential areas, which are the basis of realizing intellectualization in residential areas, and the management and service functions that residential areas can realize on this basis

With the popularization of computer technology and the rapid development of information industry, intelligent residential areas have become the development trend of modern architecture and property management. Through the use of modern information transmission technology, network technology and information integration technology, we can carry out precise design, optimize integration, and improve the content of high-tech housing and the level of living environment. The intelligent application of residential quarters will bring people a safe, comfortable and efficient home life, which greatly meets the needs of modern life

2. Construction of intelligent system in residential quarters

2.1 overall goal of intelligent construction in residential quarters

the goal of intelligent system construction in residential quarters is to establish a multimedia integrated information interaction system that communicates between residents within the community, between residents and the center, between residents and external society by using advanced computer communication technology, control technology and real estate management technology, and by using effective system integration methods, Create a safe, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving, efficient living environment and an intelligent community with sustainable development ability

the construction of intelligent residential quarters can be summarized as two platforms: information platform and control management platform; Do a good job in two services: property services and information services. Platform construction is the basis of realizing the intelligent function of the community, and service is the functional content of realizing the intelligent function of the community

information platform is to enable residential and residential areas to realize information sharing and resource sharing in the information and digital world. Therefore, it is necessary to build a community information platform that can meet various modern communication bandwidth and speed requirements, including the residential system (including future visualization), cable TV system and community computer local area, in order to share resources and exchange information in the future information society

the control and management platform is a platform to realize the intelligent closed control and management of residential and residential areas. A large number of high-tech products will be used in any intelligent community to realize community security, family security, home appliance self-control, community intelligent property service and management. These controls and operations should be carried out on a technologically open operation platform in order to apply various high-tech new products as much as possible. But from the perspective of security, it must be closed externally

property management service is to provide efficient property services with high-tech means and products, including providing community public security, family security, community "one card", various intelligent function management and comfortable property services in the community

information service can be said to be the soul of the construction of "intelligent community". Information and information services are not only provided on the Internet, but should include comprehensive services such as office work, VOD, telemedicine, distance education, stock trading, e-commerce, multimedia entertainment, trading, video multimedia conference, computer information services, and so on

2.2 ideas for intelligent construction of residential quarters

1. Decentralized control

intelligent residential quarters is a common 3-camera electric or variable-frequency electromechanical system engineering adopted by some electronic tensile testing machines in the current market, involving (4) excessive pressure of the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil spill valve of the metal impact testing machine; The scope of and is large, including many functions. Each function has different requirements for cost control, reliability, real-time and safety. The monitoring and service objects of each function are distributed in every household and public areas in the community. Therefore, the construction of intellectualization should be realized by means of "decentralized control". According to the different functions, it is divided into different intelligent subsystems to realize respectively. Each subsystem sets the corresponding monitoring service controller in the front end of the system according to the situation of the monitoring and service objects for decentralized control

2. Hierarchical integration

for the integration of intelligent subsystems with various functions, it is not a simple stacking and synthesis of high-tech products. Intelligent system integration design, closely around the theme of "people-oriented, design on demand, hierarchical integration", according to the planning characteristics and actual needs of the whole community, comprehensively understand the connotation of integration and determine the content of system integration from the perspectives of technology, economy, operation and service

by adopting the idea of molecular system and level by level integration from low to high, carefully design and plan, Improve the clamping sample of the whole club (if it is necessary to add an extension meter and the monitoring and management efficiency of the extension meter area, in order to achieve the integration purpose of obtaining management data, improving and improving the quality of the living environment, and bringing economic and social value-added benefits to community users and investors.

3. Hierarchical management

the management of intelligent residential areas is not a collection of simple management sub functions, and should strictly comply with the instrument from the perspective of comprehensive management and service of the whole community Operate and integrate all information resources according to the specified steps in the user manual, and coordinate the relationship among community residents, property managers, and property service personnel

management is specifically divided into two levels:

a, community level: community level focuses on the distribution and scheduling, overall monitoring and handling of major accidents, supervision and management of the high-level management of property management in each block

b, block level: corresponding to the front desk property management of each block

4. Structured cabling

intelligent construction involves many subsystems, and each subsystem needs network communication. The quality of pipe wiring construction directly affects the use function and service quality of the whole intelligent system. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out unified planning and design of pipe wiring of the whole system. The structured wiring makes the pipe wiring structure clear, the construction simple, the maintenance convenient, and can ensure the expansibility and flexibility of each intelligent system

the pipe wiring of the whole project is a 4-storey structured design: community general layout, block general layout, building unit staircase, indoor

2.3 construction of community information platform and control management platform

1. The community management center

realizes the unified access and centralized management of information communication network in the community management center, which is the general exchange, distribution and management center of information network in the whole community. In the telecommunication service part, the telecommunication service switching center of the whole community is set up, which is connected with the remote module office of each block through optical fiber, and is uniformly connected to the City Telecom

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