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Hotel room intelligent control system

Company Profile

Beijing vccontrol Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and manufacture of embedded industrial control products and the provision of automation engineering services. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the field of industrial control automation with the business philosophy of "cooperation, integrity, honesty and innovation" to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost embedded industrial control products, solutions and services. Weikong technology has a first-class management team, technical team and sales team, as well as humanized technical support and complete documentation system. In recent years, the company has been expanding its scale. The actual length of glass fiber in abs+gf materials (i.e. the storage length of glass fiber) is always far lower than the length of raw glass fiber. Relying on leading technical advantages, reliable product quality, comprehensive and fast after-sales service and good reputation, it has won the praise of users and the trust of domestic and foreign partners. With the continuous progress of technological innovation, weikong technology follows the development direction of China's industrial control market. When developing and connecting, the screws at all places need to be tightened to produce embedded industrial control products based on web enabled that meet the market demand and have strong industry competitiveness, thus filling the gap in this field in China. The embedded industrial control products of weikong technology have the characteristics of high cost performance, compact size, low power consumption, rich i/o resources (support analog quantity, digital quantity, PWM, encoder, serial port, etc.) and strong communication ability

the product line includes: remote measurement and control terminal (RTU), programmable human-machine interface (HMI), industrial communication module (DCM), and wireless video, which constitute a diversified, high-quality, low-cost industrial automation solution of weikong technology. In terms of application scope, the embedded industrial control products of weikong technology are specially designed for special industrial tasks and highly reliable industrial applications. It can be applied to various fields including telecommunications, communications, testing, measurement, remote monitoring, security, industrial automation, industry informatization and so on, and can provide users with a more direct method to develop their own specific applications. In the field of hotel room control, weikong Technology launched rtu-7600 hotel room intelligent controller and professional service hotel intelligent room control system. At present, there are many application cases in Beijing, such as Beijing Convention Center, Beijing Shangri La Hotel, etc. Weikong technology is investing huge efforts to develop new products endlessly and make every effort to create a new generation of embedded industrial control solutions for customers

I. design description

a good hotel intelligent system should meet the design requirements from the following aspects:

1. The distributed control structure can flexibly complete the centralized and decentralized control of various equipment in the room, which is convenient for guests to operate

2. The selected control system must be able to control a variety of different equipment at the same time, reduce the number of wall mounted equipment, and make the wall decoration neat

3. The software system adopts professional SQL database, which can meet the requirements of hotel management, flexibly change and expand the control equipment and control content, and provide personalized and convenient operation environment for guests

4. The control system can easily share the generic cabling network with other systems, saving investment and easy to expand

5. The control system is an open and mature tcp/ip communication protocol with reliable technical support

6. Highly artistic and humanized operation interface

the hotel room control system is based on the bus network system. The whole system includes computer network communication management software and intelligent room control hardware system equipment. The mature tcp/ip communication protocol and large SQL Server (client/server mode) database are adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of the whole system

the network type guest room information and control system integrates intelligent lighting control, air conditioning control, service control and management functions. It has the characteristics of intelligence, networking and standardization. It combines scientific management ideas with advanced management means to help hotel managers at all levels. The industry may also begin to see a large number of dynamic Complex data and information are analyzed and processed timely and accurately, so that hotel management really changes from experience management to scientific management

II. System wiring scheme

the bottom layer of the system directly adopts the standard tcp/ip communication transmission protocol. Each room controller has its own independent network address. The room controllers are connected by five kinds of wires in serial. All rooms can be connected through the floor server, so as to save a lot of labor and material costs for separate wiring. The data of each floor is centralized and forwarded through the floor server, so as to ensure the integrity and stability of the system data

Figure 1 guest room function diagram

Figure 2 network topology

III. system hardware equipment Part

1. Wood plastic composite material is also a new composite material system

from the functional composition, it can be divided into two parts: in room equipment and Unicom equipment

(1) equipment in the guest room

rtu-7600 intelligent room controller

all equipment control centers in the guest room, powerful core provides rich functional support, card control - when the guest enters the room, insert the card, automatically turn on the corridor lights, and turn on 50% brightness of the left and right bedside lights at the same time. After the guest pulls out the card and leaves the room, the room is controlled by lights The electric appliance will automatically turn off after delaying 10-30 seconds (in summer, after pulling out the card, the coil fan will automatically run at a low speed; in other seasons, after pulling out the card, the coil fan will automatically turn off):

A. dimming circuit: 3-way 220V 3a, adjustable except fluorescent lamps, various resistive white woven lamps or electronic low-voltage lamps, up to 32 levels of dimming, nearly stepless adjustment, and the light brightness is very uniform and soft

b. lighting circuit: 10 ways 220V 10a, which can control various electrical appliances and lighting equipment, and the overcurrent is protected by fuse tube

c. air conditioning circuit: 5-way 220V 10a, combined with fan thermostat, can realize automatic temperature control of guest room or high, medium and low speed manual control of coil fan

d. service system: do not disturb, please clean immediately, and connect the three in one sign of do not disturb and clean the doorbell outside the door

e. main power control function: press the main control button or unplug the card to turn off all controlled electrical appliances and lights in the room

f. Ethernet interface: each control is assigned a fixed local IP address to facilitate remote downloading, maintenance and upgrading

g. anti crash design: the built-in watchdog function can automatically reset and resume operation even in case of a crash in a harsh electromagnetic interference environment

h. full pluggable design: it is connected with the full pluggable cable of the junction box to facilitate disassembly and maintenance

i. powerful expansion function: the controller is connected to the electronic door

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