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Nowadays, in the face of the integrated competition of the global market economy, many enterprise decision makers have realized that although enterprises without culture can be prosperous for a while, they can't escape the short-lived end and can't become a century old store. When he faced the successful experience of those heavyweight large enterprises at home and abroad, they felt that what their enterprises lacked most was corporate culture. Corporate culture generally includes three parts: corporate logo recognition system, concept recognition system and behavior recognition system. Among them, the integration planning of concept identification system is the most difficult

the enterprise concept identification system is the core identification system for the strategic integration of enterprise culture. It is composed of enterprise purpose, enterprise goal, enterprise mission, enterprise style, enterprise philosophy, enterprise spirit, theme values, series values, enterprise management philosophy, enterprise moral system and so on. The concept identification system is mainly used to determine the strategic development pursuit of the enterprise, as well as the guiding ideology, spiritual norms, moral norms and value orientation for realizing this strategic pursuit

the integration planning of enterprise concept identification system should first accurately grasp the strategic positioning of enterprise development, and then extract the core of enterprise culture that can promote the implementation of this strategy, which is the origin and basis for guiding the integration planning of concept identification system. His design philosophy is: reveal the essence, grasp the law and produce results; The design principle is: applicable is effective, effective is the best, which not only reflects the tradition of enterprise development, but also reflects the management concept of modern enterprises; The design method is: correct pulse, rational thinking, combination of both sides, scientific inference

I. enterprise purpose as a social unit engaged in business activities, enterprises bear and obligations to the inside, the outside, the society and the country. The enterprise purpose is the main purpose of the enterprise in the society, and the intention and ambition are the highest ideal of the enterprise. Therefore, the design of the enterprise purpose must be able to show the broad mind and lofty ambition of the enterprise. Internally, he is a powerful ideological weapon to guide and regulate enterprises and their employees; Externally, it is a declaration and commitment issued by enterprises to the society, reflecting the value of the existence of enterprises, and a bright flag to guide consumers and the public. For example, the enterprise tenet of Guangming Power Group: eternal power, create prosperity. It shows that the development of Guangming is endless, and it can bring prosperity, development and happiness to the motherland, society and people by providing endless power. This is the unswerving feelings of Guangming people, and it is also the noble spiritual realm of Guangming people

II. Enterprise goals. Enterprise goals are the expected results to achieve its purpose. Enterprises without goals are hopeless enterprises. American behaviorist J. gigler pointed out that setting a high goal is equivalent to achieving part of the goal. Only with great boldness can we achieve great things. Only with a high starting point can we enter a high realm. In the fierce market economy era, the survival of the fittest is the only rule. Enterprises that do not advance will fall back. Only those enterprises with lofty goals can remain prosperous. Shanghai Volkswagen's corporate goal: continuous innovation. The corporate goal of COSCO Tianjin is to become a world-class enterprise and become one of the world's top 500 companies. The clamping force of the "three three three three" sample of Chang'an Automobile will change with wear. Standard:

create famous brands, launch celebrities, and strive to be the "three famous enterprises" of well-known enterprises

reduce costs, activate capital and put people first

make good use of power, acquire intelligence and develop potential

the enterprise goal of stone company: IBM in China and stone in the world. The enterprise goal of Fangyuan group is to expand both industries and create a first-class business forever. It shows that Fangyuan is committed to the common development of the main industry of building materials and multi-economic and auxiliary industries, and takes the creation of a first-class enterprise as the goal, which shows the spirit of Fangyuan people who are unwilling to lag behind, self-improvement and the lofty ambition of creating brilliance forever

III. enterprise mission enterprise mission is the great responsibility that enterprises should undertake. A sense of mission is a powerful driving force to stimulate consciousness. For example, the famous blue sky group takes "contributing to social progress and adding color to the lives of employees" as its mission. Taking "two actions" as the mission of blue sky enterprises is a realistic choice for enterprises, and it is also the fundamental guarantee for enterprises to achieve their purposes and goals. The casting of enterprise experimental machine manufacturers is to use casting methods to make the production of metal materials. The development of plastic deformation industry depends on the good social environment of enterprises. At the same time, the development of enterprises must also bear society and obligations. The development of enterprises is a kind of benign interaction with society, customers, employees, mutual coordination Harmony thrives with the support of BASF polyurethane buffer system

IV. enterprise style is a state-owned style and a family style. Enterprise style is an attitude and behavior expressed in ideology, work and life. A good enterprise style can coordinate the organization and management behavior of the enterprise, help to establish a scientific and standardized enterprise operation order, improve the working realm of enterprise employees, and achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency and economic benefits

example of enterprise style of some enterprises: enterprise style of Haier Group: respond quickly and act immediately. The enterprise style of Chang'an group: today's business is finished today, and tomorrow's business is thought of today

v. enterprise idea enterprise idea is the ideal, philosophy and belief of the enterprise. It is a leading idea of strategic development, the soul that guides and affects the strategic pursuit of the enterprise, and the core of the enterprise idea recognition system. It plays a decisive role in the positioning of enterprise spirit, business philosophy and enterprise ethics. Any organization requires a unified idea to coordinate the actions of the organization, otherwise it will become a mess. Kaiyuan Group's corporate philosophy: stop complacency, promote innovation, and surpass yourself. Contentment leads to complacency, contentment leads to stagnation. We can only develop if we are able to overcome the shortcomings of others and cultivate the new. To surpass ourselves is a great man for deep development. Transcendence is the main theme of Kaiyuan's development, and Kaiyuan will always create brilliance in transcendence

VI. enterprise spirit to live, people should have a little spirit. The existence and development of enterprises, enterprise staff groups should also have a spirit - enterprise spirit


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